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Media Has Heart Attack After Clearly Marked Russian 'Spy' Ship Spotted in International Waters

Media portrays routine patrol in international waters as part of Russia's sinister war preparations

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Anti-Russia fear-mongering has entered warp speed.

Yesterday we witnessed a barrage of impossible-to-corroborate, anonymous scoops about how Russia controls the White House and is now deploying top secret missiles to Cuba Russia.

<figcaption>They're coming!</figcaption>
They're coming!

Are you properly terrified? If not, the media has another scary story for you:

Okay, let's break this down.

1. A "spy" ship? It's an intelligence collection ship (the Viktor Leonov) and it's a clearly marked, broadcasting vessel. If it was trying to conceal itself from the U.S. Navy in any way, it probably would have foregone the formalities.

2. The ship didn't "skim" anything. The big story that we're supposed to pee ourselves about is that the Viktor Leonov was "30 miles from Naval Submarine Base New London, the home port of the US Navy's attack submarine force near Groton, Connecticut". Here's a shorter way of stating that: The Viktor Leonov was in international waters. The article later concedes that the Leonov was "still outside the 12-mile limit of US territorial waters".

3. This is not a "provocation", sorry. This is routine. The Pentagon knows this, they're just remaining quiet as the media scares the daylights out of the citizenry. Here's a similar story from last year:

Russian submarines patrolling off the US east coast are not cause for concern and pose no threat to the United States, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

"So long as they are operating in international waters -- as, frankly, we do around the world -- and are behaving in a responsible way, they are certainly free to do so and it doesn't cause any alarm within this building," press secretary Geoff Morrell said at a Pentagon news conference.

Please read that Pentagon statement twice. Do you notice how reasonable it is?

But please, tell us how afraid we should be about a Russian intelligence vessel sailing in international waters. Is it time to stock up on canned vegetables and batteries?

Enough already.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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