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Why Jared Taylor's Preliminary Legal Win Over Twitter Is a Big Deal

Regardless of who wins the final suit, it will draw a lot of attention to the problem of Twitter censorship.

A while back, Twitter changed their motto from “we’re the free speech wing of the free speech party” to “censor absolutely everything, for any reason or even no reason at all.”

Since then, the platform has been experiencing a constant “banocaust,” with anyone who doesn’t consume their mandated daily portion of soy getting booted off.

A hero will rise out of this dirty, corrupt technocracy…

But one man rose up against the tyrannical Twitter overlords and sued them to get his account back.

That man is Jared Taylor.

Jared Taylor, founder of American Renaissance

And now he’s won his first victory, overcoming Twitter’s initial objections to the lawsuit, which can now proceed.

The Verge:

Jared Taylor, founder of white nationalist publication American Renaissance, can proceed with a lawsuit against Twitter. Taylor sued Twitter in February, alleging that the company had violated civil rights and contract law by banning two of his accounts. 

Yesterday, California judge Harold Kahn narrowed the suit’s potential scope, but he said that Twitter hadn’t made a strong enough argument for throwing it out altogether.

A victory worthy of dancing anime girls, for sure.

The scope of the lawsuit has been revised to the point where even a victory would set no precedent, but that really doesn’t matter. Because the value of this lawsuit was never to force Twitter to unban right-wingers, but rather to create a public spectacle in which attention is brought to the issue.

This is why Twitter was so adamant to prevent the lawsuit from even proceeding. Now, that first obstacle has been surmounted and the show can go on.

Twitter argued that Taylor’s complaint violated California’s anti-SLAPP law, which penalizes malicious lawsuits meant to suppress speech. Taylor wants a court to make Twitter reinstate his accounts and stop enforcing a rule that lets it ban any user for any reason, which Twitter argues is akin to controlling which stories a newspaper prints.

Twiter argued that Taylor’s suit to prevent his speech being censored is a ploy to rob Twitter of their free speech!

The chutzpah! Wew.

SLAPP lawsuits are the elite's favorite legal tool – something we at the Daily Stormer are very familiar with. Yet somehow, their malicious lawsuits are never struck down for the evil scheme that they represent.

Instead, it’s the people being censored that are attacked for “using a SLAPP lawsuit.”

But Taylor took advantage of an exception for lawsuits brought in the public interest — and Kahn agreed that the case fit that bill. “It seems to me this is a classic public interest lawsuit,” he said, according to court transcripts. “It goes to the heart of free speech principles that long precede our constitution.” While Kahn didn’t specifically mention it, Taylor is one of several people who have sued digital platforms for alleged ideological bias, and the claim is widespread enough to have generated a congressional hearing.

Kahn was also sympathetic to Taylor’s claim that Twitter had misled the public by saying its platform was open to everyone, then allegedly banning people based on their political viewpoints.(In Taylor’s case, this would be the viewpoint that white people must maintain control over the United States, and that “when blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears.”) Twitter at one point described itself as the “free speech wing of the free speech party,” but last year it changed its rules to prohibit accounts affiliated with hate groups.The company declined to comment on Taylor’s suit.

Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, dey bannin’ everybody out here!

The more public attention is brought to this lawsuit, the better. This only helps the Trump administration’s case that social media platforms need to be regulated in order to enforce the First Amendment.

Facebook has recently been caught messing with Republican candidates’ political ads in order to favor a Democratic victory in the mid-terms.

If this problem isn’t addressed, and soon, tech companies will have total control over the political future of America, and the world.

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