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A War Against White People Is in Full Swing in Europe and the US

Anti-White racism has distressingly become an accepted cultural norm throughout the Western World. Mainstream media, education, and even science and medicine have been hijacked by brainwashed zealots who push relentless white-hating propaganda on the masses.

Their intent is to reduce the current World’s 8% ethnic-European population to fewer numbers that can be controlled much as are Native Americans today.

Increasingly, ethnic-Europeans, even in their own countries, exist in ghettos (reservations) Excluded from communities taken over by government-sponsored non-European migrants, Europeans are now second-class citizens (kaffirs) when seeking benefits, educational and job opportunities. Anti-White apartheid throughout the West is considered normal and is institutionalised.


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The innocent term, ‘it’s okay to be White’ is now considered a hate crime, even in historically European countries.

Anti White media

The vile ideology of White-hating evangelists controls the educational and media narrative. Their anti-white propaganda has indoctrinated a sizable segment of their duped audience into believing that being ethnic European automatically means that you’re evil, whilst being Black, Asian or Muslim automatically means that you’re beyond all sin.

Using lies and deception, Marxist indoctrinated subversives aim to convince a disturbing number of useful idiots, including Europeans, that Whites are fundamentally racist and have taken advantage of other ethnic groups throughout history in order to build thriving civilisations.

Wots in ur wallet, a Race Card GAB

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There is never mention of ethnic-Europeans being enslaved, not only by their own kind and by Arab slavers.  During the Soviet Union (1917 – 1991) era, a system that was sponsored and laundered by globalists, cattle car trains filled with European slaves carried tens of millions of Europe’s Orthodox Christians to the Bolshevik Gulag camps. It is thought that as many as 40 million White people were enslaved and 40 per cent Gulag victims martyred.

All this is unknown to ordinary ethnic-Europeans because it has been airbrushed out of news media, educational and history books. “Ownership of the media is in the hands of the perpetrators.” ~ Alexander Solzhenitsin.

! I will not set myself on fire to keep you warm

Anti-White propaganda is taught to the next generation through movies, television, and in the classroom, With little resistance from guilt-complexed Whites, many accept the propaganda that they’re evil because of the colour of their skin.

Every movie on alien owned Netflix casts the White man as the villain, the Black man as the hero. The shirt-lifting gay is the cool guy who reasons things out, the woman has the balls. So it goes on, mum is the breadwinner whilst White dad is an idiot or a layabout, often both, whilst kids are sexualised.

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Imagine the roles being reversed and see where that gets you ~ straight into the town’s slammer after being crucified by the anti-White media. Again; “Ownership of the media is in the hands of the perpetrators.” ~ Alexander Solzhenitsin.

Western presstitutes and politicians vilified Adolf Hitler, who in fact put into reverse everything that is happening today. As a historian, I repeatedly ask palace historians for a single genuine anti-coloured sentiment expressed by any leading figure in the Reich system. I am still waiting.

I warned you

All that Adolf Hitler sought was to give Germans equality. Now, when Whites, proud of their heritage, demand equality with non-Europeans they are demonised as ‘race haters’, xenophobes’, ‘White supremacists’. When did you ever see such accusations levelled at Jews, Asians and Blacks who respect and promote their own ethnicity?

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Take a look at the constant brainwashing anti-White propaganda; the racing mixing narrative, the diversity marketing. Ask yourself how this would be described if these roles and situations were reversed. Imagine the outrage by Jewish or Asian communities if they were conditioned to accept ethnic-Europeans into their communities.

In much of Europe and especially the UK, Europeans are now too scared to report crimes committed by migrants for fear of their being questioned as motivated by racism or their being charged with racism.

Hating Whites makes me a non racist

Schoolchildren are routinely programmed to believe Whites as being the sole racists responsible for black slavery. In fact, it was Blacks, Jewish bankers and merchants, and the degenerate self-loathing liberal elite who were in most cases the financiers and en-slavers of Blacks and Europeans.

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The clothing and other sections of our supermarkets today are made in Asian sweatshops in conditions far worse than those in the American cotton plantations. Fact: You are wearing a slave manufactured shirt or dress made by an Asian coolie in a factory financed by a globalist bank. Happy?

Ironically, many of those enslaved through the ages past were their own people. England’s first slaves were the Irish peoples, followed by English and Scottish cargoes of despair bound for the colonies, and then replaced or added to by Africans.

England, during the 18th century, traded White slaves for Black slaves, the buyers being African chiefs and chieftains. They never tell you that do they.

! Sheep Cant Handle the Truth

Orwellian history avoids the fact that sea captains who brought African slaves to the British colonies, that later became the United States, purchased their Blacks from the Black slave owners, notably the King of Dahomey. Over the past 1,000 years, the most prevailing slave owners were Africans including Muslims. This is airbrushed from the educational and media narrative.

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Free speech, education or indoctrination

Spineless Europeans, their minds already ensnared by anti-White propaganda, dismiss what is clearly taking place, close their eyes to it, or become part of their own extinction. The minority who do care ram these truth into closed minds so they at least can say, ‘at least I tried to warn you.’

Only solution 3

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