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Turn the Tables on Jewish-Owned Media Rhetoric - a Short User’s Guide

"If someone calls you sexist, reply: 'Yes I am, the best there is. And what do you find so irresistible about sexists that you can’t seem to leave us alone? btw your privilege is showing.'"

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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The author is a German finance professional who specializes in the software industry. He was born and raised in Munich, Bavaria, where he currently resides. He writes on Jewish issues in the German alt-media, and is always unfailingly polite. His English is not native, but we think he does pretty well.

It is pretty evident to anyone paying attention that Jewish elites have managed to infiltrate and seize most media and narratives and are adept at framing any situation in a way to make aggressors look like victims (something Jewish thought is especially good at). Take a look at headlines around you and you will see the current invasion of Europe couched in innocent words, even words DESIGNED to elicit sympathy from clueless people living comfortable lives.

Words like "humanitarian", "rescue", "migrant", "children", "fleeing war and poverty" etc are common themes to hide boat-loads of low-IQ, violent and unassimilable young men of fighting age coming to invade Europe. The only fleeing war and poverty they are doing is fleeing war on their own failed countries and the poverty of their bank account.

If you can frame a mass-murdering psychopath as a misunderstood, tragic human with great suffering in his life while completely whitewashing and divorcing his actions from any reasonable logic, then you basically frame the people bringing him to justice as cruel and heartless to a "lost little lamb". Jewish elites have just managed to extrapolate this to an entire continent and group of people whose sole motivation is to loot, rape and conquer another society which they see, quite correctly, as weak and stupid.

“Why?” you might  ask. Because most people think welfare is a stupid idea, and come from countries that reward work and punish laziness. Most Third World countries do not give you free money, food and healthcare for sitting on your behind twiddling your thumbs. It is considered very humiliating to be reduced to begging people for help.

So when these people who aren’t being rewarded for being unproductive members of their society see a welfare utopia for every  Abdul, Muhammad and Kunwumbo from Africa and the rest of the world, they correctly assume that the welfare system fails to distinguish  between the useful and the useless members of society.

On top of that, when you frame incarceration and punishment of these invaders as "migrant harassment", "racism" and "xenophobia," these unelected bureaucrats, who are overwhelmingly Jewish, make sure that those wishing to protect their homelands are punished in the public eye.

If you destroy a man’s life while constantly telling everyone around he is evil, he will not recover easily. If you build up the looters of his house as "innocent suffering migrants" you ensure  that they continue their behavior.

So this is what the Jewish-owned media, the fake news machine, the lying pundits are adept at. Nationalism and loyalty to your own people? Brand it as racism and xenophobia, populism and fascism.

Need to boat in a million men of fighting age from violent countries? - only show pictures of a few hundred women and children and frame it as "refugee crisis," "poor migrants," "fleeing war and poverty".

Anyone who dares to resist and defend their society? Label them sexist, racist, evil, bigoted etc etc.

Now that we have learned their strategy, the next question is how to fight it? Here is where social dynamics come into play. Jews as a group have a very high tendency towards psychopathy, which in turn leads to less empathy. In this, Jewish behavior is somewhat similar to that of individuals and ethnicities of lower IQ, who tend to have low empathy as well.

So how do you deal with such an opponent?

Remember, you cannot argue or reason with them, because doing so only strengthens THEIR frame of reference. They invent words to attach a label to you and erase your credibility. Your opponent has laid out a chess game and now you are forced to play. However the simplest strategy is vastly more effective: respond to their insults with the tried-and-true rhetorical technique of “agree and amplify” and outright ridicule.

If someone calls you racist, retort: "super racist, I just got back from a KKK rally… by the way what trauma in your childhood made you a race hustler?"

If someone calls you sexist: "Yes I am, the best there is. And what do you find so irresistible about sexists that you can’t seem to leave us alone? btw your privilege is showing."

Are these responses rational? No. But you cannot take such ridiculous questions seriously. Whenever you do, you are buying into their frame.

You are not fighting the label, you are fighting the frame. The label "racist" is thrown out at you to frame you as "evil guy", when you agree and amplify and then ridicule, you destroy their attempts to frame you and frame THEM instead.

These accusers are good at establishing frame but terrible at taking it back, their most common defense is just total mental shutdown and, like a sperg, repeat the slur, and in so doing, they make themselves look ridiculous. Remember too, that an average person doesn’t care about the words but the frame. Someone ridiculous trying to call you racist has no credibility and once you learn how to reframe a conversation, you can go ahead and spread  the truth.

The battle of frame is something that HAS to be identified and won, all the most famous men - all those who are most hated by the media - have mastered the art of the reframe. They are able to beat the media at their own game. Agree, amplify and ridicule. They go apoplectic which leads to more people questioning their relevance.

The battle of frame and words cannot be won by reason and logic because it is  based on emotion. So you must win these battles by using tactics that appeal to emotion. And the most potent way to achieve victory is by humiliating and ridiculing your adversary. Once you master this, you can control the narrative so that populism is associated with strong successful people

The battle against the infection of the world is fought on many fronts and few are as important as the battle of snatching frame from the media.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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