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Trump Criticized Online Censorship—Now He Needs to Do Something About It

Online censorship of right-wing views has been a problem for some time. However, only recently have American tech giants come under serious fire for suppressing political content. It began last month, when President Trump criticized Twitter for shadow banning prominent Republicans:

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Other Republicans, including Devin Nunes, who claimed to be looking at “legal remedies,” picked up on the story as well.

Then came the mass censorship of Alex Jones. Within hours, Facebook, Apple, Google, and Spotify (FAGS), had all decided to boot him from their platforms. With the size of Jones’ influence and audience, it was impossible not to notice.

The latest company to be called out was Google. On Tuesday, the president fired off two tweets criticizing the company for censorship:

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In a statement, Google said that it does not “set a political agenda and we don’t bias our results toward any political ideology.” This is a blatant lie. Not only does Google put left-wing news at the top of its search results, it has removed websites from its search results entirely, including

These events represented a watershed moment, as political censorship online went from almost solely an alt right problem to an issue for mainstream conservatives. The left-wing media monopolies had zealously overreached, bringing attention upon their discriminatory practices.

Time for the Tweeter in Chief to act

After ignoring the issue for so long, Republicans are finally being forced into action. Facebook, Twitter, and the rest could have continued to censor alt right content with no repercussions. But they could not help themselves, and their megalomaniacal instincts led them to try to shut down all content outside of their extreme left-wing views. Now even mainstream conservatives are fighting for basic online platforms.

Now that online censorship has become a national issue, it is time to act. Trump can tweet criticisms all he wants, but if he and other Republicans do not step up and force the issue, it will go nowhere. These media monopolies must be officially declared as the public square and regulated by the FCC.

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ruling from May, which stipulated that President Trump cannot block users on Twitter, seemed to set the judicial precedent of Twitter (and by extension, other media monopolies) being a public forum, and thus obligated to allow free speech.

However, the 1996 Telecommunications Act allows Internet companies to censor as part of their right to determine what appears on their platforms. The law treats companies like Facebook and Google like newspapers, which are free to choose what views they publish.

A lot has changed since 1996. With the power now possessed by Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others, the question is: why do corporate monopolies have free speech online, but not individuals?

Though they try to attack us and distance themselves from us as much as possible, the left is forcing establishment conservatives to make common cause with the alt right. Any regulation of these companies would force them to allow all legal speech. That means that if Republicans stand up and fight for their own rights, they will also be fighting for ours, whether they like it or not.

Next week, representatives from Google, Twitter, and Facebook will appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The hearing is about preventing foreign meddling in the midterm elections, but Republicans on the committee would be wise to grill the companies on their own meddling in America’s politics.

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If Republicans are not willing to stand up for free speech now, then the globohomo corporate oligarchs will keep squeezing viewpoints out of the public debate, until only the most extreme left-wing views are tolerated at all.

This is the greatest threat to the First Amendment in American history. We must fight now, or lose free speech in America forever.

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