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Sober or Not Sober: German TV Fighting for Poroshenko's Reputation

German media is so unbiased that they are ready to go to any length to defend Poroshenko - no matter what

This article originally appeared at, translated by Dagmar Henn for South Front

Mr. 'Chocolate King', Poroshenko, will be very grateful – German public TV channel WDR really shouldered-the-effort and wrote a protest note to the Russian embassy. According to a WDR employee, a Russian TV channel (not the Russian government) had reported Poroshenko as being drunk on a flight to Moscow.

Let´s ignore the fact that this image of Russian media is quite weird. It seems to be WDR´s conviction that the media in Russia are completely controlled by the Kremlin (if so, where would they get their propagandistic nonsense from, for which they always refer to Echo Moscow and the like).  Let´s treat it as if it is plain truth that this employee never said anything like this (something I can´t check anyway).

That still leaves two questions unanswered: first, why does WDR consider it so important as to whether Porko is a barfly, or not, that they actually need to employ diplomatic channels? Does it do the same thing every time, whoever the barfly in question is, or is it some kind of special Poroshenko honour guard?  Second, does WDR honestly believe it can convince world public opinion that Poroshenko is not a barfly with such senseless and embarrassing actions? His famous video with “our children will go to school, their children will be in the cellars“ is quite a strong indication for it. Even the video of his speech to the UN general assembly raises doubts about how much of his day he is sober.

On the other hand, is the protest due to the fact that WDR doesn´t want to be associated with this really shocking and explosive revelation?

Or is it some kind of subversive strategy to inform German politicians, who still court Mr. Poroshenko, in an innocent way that his accountability is subject to certain limitations? Just in case they missed this first, discrete hint for the completely clueless by an obviously relatively small Russian TV station.

Whatever the truth is, I´m sure the Russian embassy enjoyed reading this letter of protest as much as I enjoyed reading the article. It’s great that TV doesn´t transmit smells. Otherwise we would have missed all that fun.

(And, yes, all the corporate media jumped on this story with fervor, because it proves how evil Russian propaganda is… just check German news for Poroshenko…).

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