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Russians Bomb Raqqa - The Guardian Conjures up Civilian Dead

The Guardian is at it again - making implausible and unsubstantiated claims about dead civilians in Syria to show Russia in a bad light.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

As the Russian air campaign in Syria intensifies, the Guardian simply cannot resist more digs at Russia.

Just consider this paragraph in this piece:

“Activists insist no civilians have been killed in what they described as “precise” French airstrikes, but they said Russian planes had killed five civilians in a Raqqa neighbourhood in the last three days.”

In other words” French good, Russians bad”. What else do you expect?

I have however one problem.

Please tell me how it is possible for these anonymous “activists” to tell the difference between Russian bombs and French bombs?

Do Russian bombs scream “Zdravstvuite” and French bombs politely say “Bonjour” as they crash down to earth?

Or does ISIS allow forensic teams of well-trained “activists” to examine the bomb wreckage for clues after each raid takes place?

Bear in mind that the bombing raids - both Russian and French - are carried out by fast flying jets flying at high altitudes and happen mostly in the very early morning or late at night, making the planes practically invisible from the ground.

Who anyway are these “activists”?

How is it possible to be an “activist” in Raqqa of all places with ISIS on the rampage?  

Wouldn’t the life of a genuine “activist” in Raqqa be nasty, brutish and short?

Or could it be that the Guardian is getting this story - like so many of its other stories - not directly from “activists” in Raqqa, but from our old friend the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”.

We gave you the low down on him here.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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