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Russian Involvement in FIFA Scandal: Where's the Evidence?

Not a single grain of evidence so far produced during the whole FIFA scandal points at Russia.  So why the demands to strip Russia of the 2018 World Cup?

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As the FIFA scandal heats up one point is being missed.

The Western mainstream media trashes the World Cup bid by Russia. They demand the bid be re-opened. There are threats to boycott the World Cup in Russia if it isn’t. The reason? It’s taken as read Russia won the bid by bribing FIFA officials. There’s only one problem. So far there’s not a single particle of proof that happened. None has so far been produced.

<figcaption>You don't need evidence when you accuse Russia of something...</figcaption>
You don't need evidence when you accuse Russia of something...

Not one FIFA official so far arrested has been accused of taking a bribe from Russia whether in connection with Russia’s 2018 World Cup bid or any other matter.  

Not a single Russian official or organisation has so far been implicated in the scandal.  

None of the people so far accused or arrested is Russian.

Instead what the FBI investigation into FIFA has come up with is evidence that FIFA officials took bribes to hold the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and that various western companies, including U.S. companies, paid bribes to win merchandising contracts. There’s even some speculation that one of those companies is Nike. Of course evidence against Russia might come up. Since the whole point of the investigation was to strip Russia of the 2018 World Cup it’s interesting though that so far none has been produced. Could that be because there is no evidence because it didn't happen?

There’s plenty of evidence though against Europeans and Americans, but no one is talking about it.

What happened to the presumption of innocence?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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