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Right Sector Violently Disperses Kiev Gay Parade, Guardian Lies About It

Guardian pretends gay pride march dispersed by "unknown assailants" whereas as Russia Insider has previously reported the threats to disperse the march were made by Right Sector

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The gay pride pride march in Kiev lasted all of 30 minutes.

After the organisers rejected mayor Vitaly Klitschko’s request that they cancel the march, just 300 people turned up.

As they threatened, Right Sector duty attacked the march and dispersed it.

Meanwhile the western media persists in its cover up.

The most outrageous is the Guardian.  

It reports that the gay pride march in Kiev was dispersed.  However, it says it was attacked by “unknown assailants”.

That is a straight lie.  There is nothing “unknown” about the assailants.  

Right Sector has been threatening for days to disperse the march.  Its leader Dmytro Yarosh is openly bragging about Right Sector’s role in dispersing the march.

Why is the Guardian pretending the identity of the attackers is “unknown” when they openly brag of their identity? 

Because it doesn’t want to admit that Right Sector is a power in today’s Ukraine.  

The Guardian has consistently pretended that claims about fascism in Ukraine are “Putin’s propaganda”.  So, according to the Guardian’s narrative, either Right Sector doesn’t exist, or it is insignificant.

So the Guardian covers up Right Sector’s attack on the Kiev gay pride march because it doesn't fit the narrative.

Just as the Guardian previously covered up Right Sector’s role in killing anti-Maidan activists in the Odessa fire of 2nd May 2014.

The Guardian - the standard bearer of British liberalism - covers up the violent misdeeds of Ukrainian fascists.

Ukrainians meanwhile pay the price.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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