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The NYTimes Is Still the Most Influential Peddler of Disgraceful Lies About Russia

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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Charles here. I don't have much time this morning, but I just couldn't not respond to this little gem from yesterday's Times.

In the weird echo chamber nature of today's media, I don't think people who do not read the Times realize how relentlessly it pumps out dishonest sewage. As for the people who do read it, they mostly honestly believe what they read here.

Here is a typical offering. Actually, regular RI contributor James Howard Kunstler comments regularly on the insatiable, mendacious bloodlust of the Times' editorial board when it comes to Russia.

There is a basic rule of propaganda, something Trump sticks to very well, by the way, and to great effect. When someone runs with an absurd and manufactured lie against you, it is a mistake to respond by debating the specifics of the fake charge, because you just add to the general impression that there is something to it. Instead, the best strategy is to attack back harshly at the accuser, attack the chutzpah and shameless dishonesty, ridicule it and hang it out to dry for all to see.

This will be our strategy today.

Shameless lying is just another day's work for the NY Times editorial board

In this beauty, the Times takes the position that the faked journalist murder in Kiev was a legitimate sting operation to foil yet another sinister Russian murder plot, when what it really was was another in a long line of CIA-manufactured slander psy-ops against Russia - and don't give me any BS about Kiev having come up with this one themselves - they don't sneeze without asking the CIA's permission.

But that is just the beginning. The artful deceivers at the Times don't want to get into the details because it actually makes their side look pretty bad, so they use the remaining few paragraphs to squeeze in every possible slander they can going back for years - The Skripals, the downed Malaysian airliner in Ukraine in 2014 (MH17), US election hacking, and alleged endemic, congenital lying by Russia and Putin personally about everything and always, going back to Soviet days.

In fact all of these are CIA-engineered psyops frauds, which has been exhaustively proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, on the pages of RI, and in countless other alternative media - from the Intercept to Counterpunch, to the Unz Review, and ad nauseum. I invite the uninitiated Times reader, stumbling out of the web of deceit of a daily dose of that lie machine, to peruse these sites and see for themselves.

This is one of the most reliable techniques of the skilled liar - accuse your victim of doing exactly what you are doing, and the more vicious your crime, the better this technique works - and if you do it before an audience of basically decent, honest people, it will be hard for them to fathom the breathtaking cynicism required to do so with a straight face. Cloak it in the mantle of an established old publication like the Times, and it works brilliantly.

I have written extensively about how this endless demonization and lying about Russia is very much a Jewish affair, and this is a classic example. The Times is a Jewish owned and operated, and by engaging in this relentless lying, it only confirms my argument.

The funny thing is that the Times resembles an aging brontosaurus, too dumb to realize that the media landscape has changed and that at least half of the reading public sees through their disgraceful tricks.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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