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NOW: See the Litvinenko Video CNN Was Afraid to Touch

Seeing is believing -- Litvinenko murder fraud revealed in exclusive video.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

CNN turned thumbs down on a fresh-out-of-Moscow blockbuster video. It showed the actual lie detector test of Litvinenko's accused murderer Andrei Lugovoi. The footage would have put a real chink in the phony story about the death of Alexander Litvinenko.

I got involved with this video when producer Alexander Korobko (also CEO of Russian Hour TV in London) emailed me with the emphatic subject line: "extremely urgent." He wanted to share his video with US media.

"British case against Russia collapses -- polygraph exonerates prime suspect in Litvinenko death," is how I pitched it to the appropriate CNN producer. But this guy had no idea who Litvinenko was, much less any understanding of whatever role Lugovoi may have played. After I gave him concise background on the case, he seemed afraid to take the story. Maybe it was because of the iconoclastic angle it took. Or perhaps he figured if he didn't know who Litvinenko was, his viewers wouldn't either.

Korobko subsequently incorporated that polygraph scene into a more comprehensive production this year called "The Case of Alexander Litvinenko -- Through Sherlock’s Eyes." It's been exclusively packaged for online viewing by


If you are interested in further refutation of the fabricated mainstream coverage of the Litvinenko case, see the following video slides:

--"The Who-Done-It Fraud" at You'll hear Litvinenko himself admit he believes a person other than Putin poisoned him.

--"The Russian Spy Story Unraveled" at You'll hear Litvinenko's wife bust the media claim that her husband had been a KGB spy.

--"The Faked Deathbed Statement" at You'll hear proof Litvinenko didn't know enough English to have fingered Putin in the poisoning.

And finally, it's worth noting that all the information disclosed above regarding the Litvinenko case was available to the Western mainstream media as well. But by-and-large they ignored it. They stuck with a fabricated story that is readily proved to be false. Don't you wonder why?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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