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Note to Mainstream Media: Jihadi John is Not the Name of a Strategic Syrian Airbase

'Jihadi John' != Kuweires Aleppo Airbase

Originally appeared at TheBlogMire

Here’s and interesting game you can play using nothing but Google. Go to the world’s biggest search engine and type in “Kuweires”.

You’ll notice that it comes up with a number of different websites all speaking about a stunning victory achieved by the Syrian Arab Army, supported by Russian air cover, in which the strategic military airbase that had been under siege from ISIS for two-and-a-half years was recaptured and hundreds of ISIS terrorists killed in the process.

You’ll also notice that with the exception of RT, none of the websites are what you would call well-known. Is it possible that the mainstream organisations just haven’t heard about it yet?

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and dig a little deeper. Type in “Kuweires BBC” or “Kuweires CNN”, for instance. Or you might want to use an alternative spelling, “Kuweyris BBC”. What do you get? Nothing, that’s what. 

Over a week after this hugely symbolic and significant victory over the so-called Islamic State, these giant news organisations still seem to be unaware that it happened.

Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who works for the BBC or CNN and so I’m not sure how to get this information to them. If any readers do know someone that works for them, I would be grateful if you could pass the news on so that they can finally report on it.

Here’s another Google game. This time, type in the words “Jihadi John BBC” or “Muhammed Emwazi BBC” and see what it comes up with. This time the BBC do seem to have heard the news, so much so that at the time of writing, there are no less than four articles devoted to the alleged execution of this person at the hands of the US Air Force last week.

Now I think it fair to warn you that I might come across as a tad patronising in this paragraph. There may even be the odd injection of sarcasm. But I feel it only right and proper to point out to anyone who may be confused on this issue that Jihadi John is not actually a strategic Syrian military airbase and his alleged killing does not represent a major strategic victory in the fight against ISIS.

In fact, in the grand scheme of things, his apparent death has about as much strategic significance as if they had dropped a bomb on the desert and killed a couple of camels.

Incidentally, since it does appear that this is actually what the US coalition have been doing for the past year or so, I can’t help wondering whether Jihadi John was simply a case of mistaken identity and they meant to get the camel.

Or am I’m being too harsh? Perhaps they really have been trying hard to get him for the last year, but through bad fortune they have inadvertently decimated the population of dromedaries instead.

Whilst it doesn’t surprise me that the media went overboard on the relatively insignificant Jihadi John story, I am surprised that they haven’t mentioned Kuweires at all. No I’m not naïve. I realise they couldn’t tell the real story – “Syrian Arab Army, backed by Russian airstrikes destroys ISIS to recapture key strategic airport”. That would have exposed their narrative for the filthy, stinking deception it is.

But I’m sure they could have spun it if they’d tried. Something like “Russian airstrikes embolden Assad’s army” would have done it. Yes I know that this would have technically been the truth, but such has been their level of deception that they have managed to convince multitudes that truths such as “Russian airstrikes embolden Assad’s army” is actually a synonym for “Evil Russians are propping up bad Government and so fuelling the rise of ISIS”.

Maybe they decided against reporting on Kuweires on the grounds that it would have been extraordinarily difficult to report on without mentioning all those chaps with the black flags and the penchant for obscene violence who got destroyed. “Moderate rebels” anyone?

Far easier for them to just make stuff up entirely, such as this reality inversion of a headline posted by the BBC at the weekend: “G20 summit: Russia Syria action ‘raising refugee numbers’”. In this gem of a piece they quoted former Polish Prime Minister and current President of the European Council, Donald Tusk:

“Russian military action in Syria is increasing the number of refugees trying to reach Europe, European Council President Donald Tusk has said.

Speaking at a G20 summit in Turkey, Mr Tusk said Russia should focus more on Islamic State (IS) militants and not against ‘moderate Syrian opposition’.

Russia has been carrying out air strikes it says target IS. But many in the west fear the real aim is to keep Moscow’s ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in power.”

Mr Tusk’s rising star will have risen further in the eyes of his handlers. They might even pay him more. I mean, if he’s going to keep coming out with such charming deception, they might conclude that he’s deserving of double pay and some sort of Congressional medal. My Polish wife informs me that Mr Tusk’s surname should be said “Toosk”, rather than rhyming with the word busk, but I remain convinced that it should be pronounced “Lickspittle”.

But the sheer genius of the BBC’s statement of Russian intentions should not be underestimated. Of course they could have put it like this…

“The Russians have said time after time after time that their aim is to stop the Assad Government from falling, but there is a fear in the West that their aim is to stop the Assad Government from falling…”

But then that wouldn’t have had quite the desired effect of presenting the West as the fundamentally honest party in the Syrian affair having to grapple with Russian liars who say one thing and do another.

Here’s one more Google game you might want to try. At the G20 summit, the Russian President sent a little warning to his Western “partners”. Here’s what he told journalists at a press briefing:

“I provided examples based on our data on the financing of different Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) units by private individuals. This money, as we have established, comes from 40 countries and, there are some of the G20 members among them.”

Oh to have seen their faces. Imagine a firm that has been the victim of fraud, whose CEO goes on TV to make a sincere and resolute statement about how grieved he is and how he’s firmly resolved to do all he can to trace the culprits and have them prosecuted. And then someone walks up to him with a photo showing his complicity in the crime. It’s a David and Nathan the Prophet moment: “You are the man”!

I’d say that’s news, wouldn’t you? “Leader of powerful country currently fighting most feared terrorist organisation on the planet claims he has data to prove that individuals from G20 member states have been financing said terrorist organisation.”

But apparently the mainstream media doesn’t agree. They decided it wasn’t worthy of their pages and websites.

Or perhaps they haven’t heard about this either. Google it out. “G20 Putin 40 ISIS”. Ought to come up with something. And indeed it does. But not, at the time of writing, on the BBC or CNN or any other mainstream media outlet for that matter.

I almost feel sorry for them. There they are with their state-of-the-art, round the clock news gathering machine, and they just keep on missing the really important stories. What can we do to help them? Send them instructions on how to use Google?

Just accept that the Western media has now hit levels of propaganda, deception and misinformation that would have made the editors of Pravda cringe?

At the very least, if someone can inform them that Jihadi John is not the name of the Syrian airbase that saw a huge symbolic and strategic defeat for ISIS last week, that would be a start!

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