MUST WATCH: Rachel Maddow DESTROYED by Jimmy Dore For Her 2.5 Year RussiaHoax Serial Lying

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This is from a couple of weeks ago, just after the Mueller report dropped, but we just stumbled across it, and well, it is really, really good.

Jimmy Dore and Aaron Mate do a brilliant job of exposing Rachel Maddow for the fraud that she is, sticking the daggers in, and giving them a good twist. This is good TV.

Dore comes from the progressive left, but he is good on a lot of issues that count, like ridiculous neocon war-mongering, hostility towards Russia, etc. He's been saying RussiaGate was a hoax from day one, and now he's obviously enjoying skewering the RussiaHoaxers.

They do a great job dissecting how Maddow and her guests, prominent RussiaHoaxers all, try to deflect, spin, and avoid at any cost the severe embarrassment they in fact face. Very revealing about how American journalism works. Great footage of Mueller plugging the Iraq war back in the day.

Mate has been one of the leading journalists on the left exposing RussiaGate as a fraud. Good stuff, and a good video to get folks to watch who still believe what the mainstream media sells us.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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