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The Media and Democrats' Raw Hypocrisy on Russia Collusion

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

When the Democrats and the media rolled out the Russian Collusion Delusion in the Fall of 2016 I said that they were making a terrible strategic blunder, because it was so obviously not true, and it was clear to me that it would eventually implode, mortally wounding the people pushing it.

To be honest, they were able to keep it up longer than I expected, and even achieved some tactical value - boxing Trump in on foreign policy, for a good year.

<figcaption>Russiagaters are taking a drubbing</figcaption>
Russiagaters are taking a drubbing

But after the party comes the hangover - and now, as the big lie is publicly unveiled, this is turning into a rout, as it was obvious it would when it started.

Few things illustrate the Democrats' problem more than this video from Paul Joseph Watson, where he rips into the Russiagate pushers like fox in a hen house.

It has only been up a few hours, and it already has 150,000 views. He helpfully includes clips from Tucker Carlson doing the same - and this savaging is being repeated across the American conservative media - Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity are having a field day.

When all is said and done the Russia conspiracy will cost the Democrats and the mainstream media dearly. They made a critical mistake - instead of trying honesty, they doubled down on lying - and surprise, surprise - that didn't work out too well, just as it hasn't for the last few years now.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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