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Man Behind the Vaunted 'Syrian Observatory for Human Rights' Shown in All His Full Absurdity

Meet the man who the mainstream media quotes as Gospel on the Syrian crisis

His name is Rami Abdul Rahman and he is the number 1 source for Western corporate media's material on human rights and casualties in Syria. The impressive-sounding 'Observatory' is actually little more than an internet connection and a phone line inside his dilapidated, two-storey home in Coventry, UK, but that's neither here nor there. 

A Syrian-born Sunni Muslim, Mr. Abdul Rahman has not stepped foot in his native land in 15 years. However, thanks to his extensive group of 'contacts', he has somehow managed to make himself the leading source for information on all the tragic happenings in Syria for the mainstream media.

It is said that when Mr. Abdul Rahman is not at the 'Observatory' providing the world with the latest news on Syria, he is just down the road busying himself at his clothing shop that he runs with his wife.

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