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How NBC News Lied about RT to Whip Up Anti-Russian Hysteria

Will they never learn? There is a reason why lying is in the 10 commandments. (It is #9)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

"Alleged Terrorist says Russian TV Channel influenced attack on Buckingham Palace."

This was an actual headline -in big bold type- run by NBC recently.

The subtext of this headline – what the headline is really saying - is this:

“Man watches news report on government-controlled channel of our enemy, Russia, which convinces him to commit an act of terror!”

In other words, “Russia is guilty of instigating terror in London!” The article begins this way…

“An Uber driver who allegedly tried to attack police with a Samurai sword outside Buckingham Palace has told a court he became angry after seeing news put out by the Russian television network RT.

Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, 27, from Luton, said he was looking at news produced by the controversial English-language channel on his phone on the day he decided to "confront" police outside Windsor Castle, 40 miles south of Luton.”

Actually - no - he did not say he was definitely watching RT. He said and I quote “I think it was RT”. But in many respects this fact is irrelevant. Many news outlets have been covering the tragic war in Yemen. NBC clearly implies that there was some nefarious propagandistic angle to RT’s coverage. But reporting on war is what news networks do. That is their job. Insinuating that a news network of a country is culpable for an act of terror by covering a news story IS propaganda however. Linking the terror act to Russia by implying a terrorist was provoked by RT News is misleading, deceptive and manipulative. It was the bombing of Yemen by the Saudis that triggered Chowdhury’s angry response. NBC wants you to “shoot the messenger” for delivering the bad news. So who’s being nefarious?

The globalists' mainstream media are incorrigibly dishonest.

Chowdhury makes it clear that he was disturbed by the crimes he witnessed. Of civilians – many of whom are women and children – being killed by Saudi bombs with support from the UK and America. Does RT support the pro-Saudi foreign policy of America and UK ? Far from it. RT has been consistently critical of the Saudi campaign of bombing.

Study the language being used in that article - “controversial English-language channel”. What does that even mean? As more and more people come to distrust mainstream corporate media, aren’t CNN, the NY Times, the Washington Post, and even NBC considered “controversial”? Why single out RT in this manner? Well, there’s a reason…

“Controversial” is a word with a negative connotation. I am reminded of the time, while working as a journalist in Moscow, reading an AP wire report on the confrontation between President Yeltsin and his opponents in Parliament. The lead paragraph spoke of Yeltsin having to deal with “former Communists Alexander Rutskoi and Ruslan Khasbulatov” (the leaders of the revolt in 1993). To an uninformed reader, this portrays Yeltsin as a democratic reformer up against the bad guys. What the wire report failed to mention is that Yeltsin was also a Communist. In fact, Yeltsin was the head of the Communist Party in Sverdlovsk where he protected the powerful local mafia from prosecution.

A news organization should try to inform its audience, not willfully deceive. So why is NBC engaging in such poor journalistic activity?

What most people do not know is that corporate news networks are journalistic entities in name only. In reality they function as PR departments for what Ray McGovern calls “ the “Military- Industrial – Congressional -Intelligence-Media-Academia-Think-Tank Complex… profiteering on high tension with Russia”. This explains why NBC, CNN and others spin stories and twist facts about RT and Russia in order to misinform its unsuspecting audience.

Want to know the real truth? NBC and other corporate media entities think you are dumb. And they want to make you even dumber if they can. By lying.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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