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Hating on Putin by Jewish Owned Media - Final Update: THE ECONOMIST, TIME, NEWSWEEK and THE REST

An ongoing outrage. It's time to call out this criminal deception of the Western public by a handful of influential magazines, which contributes so much to endless war, international instability, and insane and totally unnecessary defense budgets on all sides.

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UPDATE 3, June 21: This is a final flourish from the UK, which houses some of the worst Russia-baiting / hating trash media out there. It's sort of like a finale at the end of fireworks show. The images appear below after the Big 3, (Newsweek, Economist, Time). They include The Spectator, The New Statesman, The Week, and then a compilation of other covers from around the world.

So this is the last update. Scrolling through the whole thing really does make an impression - a narrow clique of people, mostly Jewish, who own and staff these publications, are frankly, obsessed with Putin. There is no other person since Hitler who has been vilified this way by them. It's high time the West had a public discussion about this.

And these cover compilations just scratch the surface of the massive, world-wide Putin-hating print media machine, because far more articles are published but are not cover stories. The very worst offenders in this category are again, Americans, with The New Yorker, The New Republic, The New York Review of Books, The Atlantic, and The Weekly Standard leading the charge. For some reason they are less partial to cover stories about Putin. We know, we watch these things.

Huge thanks to the reader who sent these in. It is a lot of work to create these. I never ceased to be amazed at what our RI community creates. It is remarkable.

UPDATE 2, June 7: Newsweek is one of most shameful spreaders of vitriolic Putin hatred. It is a magazine which has gone from ownership by Katherine Graham's (Jewish) Washington Post Group, where it went bust, losing out to its long-time rival TIME, and has since been passed around by a string of shady owners. A Jewish electronics billionaire bought if from The Washington Post for $1.

Meanwhile, its anti-Russian rhetoric has steadily ratcheted up, to the point where it really does seem like it has just become a mouthpiece for US government agencies and / or Neocon zealots who enjoy working themselves into a frenzy over how evil Putin and Russia are.

It is the worst kind of trash journalism, epitomized by truly psychotic Putin haters Anna Nemtsova and Owen Matthews, both Jewish (Nemtsova is married to NY Times correspondent Andrew Higgins, another great spreader of deception about Russia). It's main reason for existence seems to be to churn out a relentless series of hit pieces against the Russian president. It is closely connected with the Daily Beast.

UPDATE 1, June 2: Here is The Economist, which I personally think is the worst of the lot, because it has successfully cemented a reputation for excellent business coverage, inspiring a lot of trust from people in business who don't follow politics too closely and pretty much believe what they hear from trusted sources. It is definitely Jewish-owned, controlled by the Rothschild family. It's editors and writers are also largely Jewish. Their completely irresponsible and relentless demonization of Putin has been off the charts over the past 15 years.

We know. We watch who is saying what.

ORIGINAL POST, May 18, 2018: 

A reader sent in cover collages for a whole bunch of magazines, and we will be publishing them as a series, updated in this post. The first is Time Magazine, a big-time liar when it comes to Russia.

Can Time be described as 'Jewish', in ownership or staff? Let's throw that one out to the comments section. Maybe someone can do some quick research and figure that out. I will update this article if any compelling info materializes, one way or the other.

In my article, It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo, I argued that the relentless demonization of Putin and Russia is largely a Jewish phenomenon, pushed very hard in Jewish-owned media, and most obsessively by Jewish journalists, and that this peculiarity warrants a balanced, public discussion. I think this reader sought to provide evidence backing up that assertion.

If we, as a society, want to unpack this endemic lying about Russia, we have to be able to discuss who is behind it, and why. This is not a complaint against Jews in general, just the small group of them who dominate our media, and mislead us so outrageously about Russia, and a lot of other things.

Stay tuned for more. We'll gradually update this post until they are all here.

When you see them all in one go, you realize something extraordinary is going on.


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And from the UK:


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And a collection from around the world:

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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