German Press Printing Shameless Apologies for US Bombing Afghan Hospital

Once more proving themselves pathetic sycophants of the pentagon

This article originally appeared at Spiegelkabinett. Translated from the German by Susan Neumann.

This is what propaganda sounds like:

    "The Americans have attacked a civilian hospital and killed many doctors and patients"

That is to say, this is what propaganda sounds like when the German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel reports on a horrible massacre carried out by the US Air Force in Afghanistan's Kunduz. This sentence, written in a press release by the spokesman for the Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid, is introduced with the follow words by Der Spiegel:

    "The Taliban will soon use the attack for their propaganda."

So in the time that it took to write these lines, 16 dead and 37 partially fatally injured doctors, nurses, and patients are nothing more than Taliban propaganda? Apparently the United Nations see this slightly differently than Der Spiegel. According to, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Seid al-Hussein, said that the incident was

    "absolutely tragic, inexcusable, and perhaps even criminal"

However, the revered High Commissioner seems to have not completely internalized how things really are in this world.

    "Seid demanded a transparent investigation into the attack.” Should this be considered by the court to be a deliberate act, then “an air raid on a hospital could constitute as a war crime ".

What Seid fails to recognize here is that the United States evades every attempt at justice. They bomb, they murder where they want, when they want, and who they want. Given the opportunity, they will defy every moral limitation that mankind has set for itself in the course of its multi-thousand-year history. For them, laws and courts do not exist. They are the untouchables.

They are also supported by Germany’s “quality” journalists. So Der Spiegel has no word of regret, no words of sympathy for the victims. Instead, the writer of the article oozes with sympathy for the American murderers:

    "Such a failure would be a serious process for the US Army. The western security forces have known about the MSF [Doctors Without Borders] for years. The US Army has always stressed that when planning any air strikes, they meticulously check whether the civilian population could be at risk.” 

International observers and those that run the hospital (Doctors without Borders) both harbor serious doubts that it was a “mistake”. Witnesses reported that the hospital had been the target of several similar attacks from US fighter jets, despite the fact that Doctors Without Borders had repeatedly given the GPS data and the exact coordinates of the hospital to the Americans -- even during the attacks.

 The blame, however, for the bombing of the hospital is placed on Doctors Without Borders. Der Spiegel writes:

    "Since the surprise Taliban attack earlier this week, 394 injured were treated according to the clinic’s administration."

 Some Taliban could still have been hiding among these 394 patients because:

    "The clinic is funded solely by donations and treats everyone -- regardless of race or religion"

Scandalous!  Die Zeit weekly newspaper jumps to the side of its colleagues at Der Spiegel:

    "The Taliban fighters were holed up in houses."

If a Taliban, or otherwise a person that the US thinks is a Taliban, is sitting crouched somewhere, then they need to have bombs thrown at them, no matter how many innocent people lose their lives and their health -- even if it’s asserted afterwards that:

    "During the attack, there may have been some collateral damage at a nearby medical facility,"

as was coldly reported by Die Zeit.  This statement has the same tone as that which was quoted from a military spokesperson of the US, namely:  "No people came to any harm, only some Afghans were lost".

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