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German Media Under Fire After Relying on Bellingcat's MH17 Report From Former STASI Employee

A former Stasi employee Olaf Neitsch contributed to Bellingcat's MH17 report under the name "Timmi Allen"

There are signs that der Spiegel has got a little intimidated by the negative reader comments concerning der Spiegel’s continued reliance on Bellingcat’s ‘research’. Now der Spiegel discloses that one of the person’s working on the case of the alleged Russian fake MH17 radar pictures, was a former Stasi collaborator named Olaf Neitsch, who worked under the nick Timmi Allen. The Stasi was the intelligence agency of the communist GDR of former fame.


[] – Bellingcat-Autor war hauptamtlicher Stasi-Mitarbeiter
[] – Virtuelle Wahrheiten im ZDF

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