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Failed Clinton Campaign Manager Whines, Blames Putin in Guardian Crybaby Piece

A butt-bruised Robby Mook and the fibbing UK Guardian team up for a ridiculous scrap of journalistic juvenile delinquency

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Though the Guardian was the newspaper that broke the Ed Snowden leaks, their editors evidently had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the printing presses. No wonder Glenn Greenwald left soon afterward.

The Guardian is just another western establishment/CIA mouthpiece, and it's readily apparent by the mainstream rubbish they carry. 

<figcaption>Pathetic failure Robby Mook</figcaption>
Pathetic failure Robby Mook

Like this sadly typical "blame the Russians" piece by Robby Mook. With all the attention that was focused on John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, you may not have heard of Mook. He was her actual campaign manager. I guess that's why he had to be introduced in his own headline, so somebody might actually care about what he says.

And here it is - "a real beauty" as America's 45th president derisively described the BBC - Robby's whining and crying diatribe blaming Russia and Vladimir Putin for the arrogant, bloated, grotesquely over-funded and pathetically mismanaged campaign the 37 year-old loser ran for Hillary:

Notice the Guardian's banner at the bottom pleading for cash. Elsewhere they describe themselves as an independent newspaper that does investigative reporting. Yet they continuously provide a platform for third grade Russophobic garbage. This tripe is not even worth one penny, let alone $7.

Back to Mook. Much of what he writes is recycled stale "Russia hacked the election" spittle which is not worth reproducing here. (No wonder his campaign was a failure with such a lack of originality.) Mook warns of the rise of the right-wing populists in Europe such as Le Pen and Germany's AfD party - and wouldn't you know it, Putin made it happen. 

Just like Putin made you suck, eh Robby?

Mook goes on to cry chicken little over the nefarious influence of Russia's president, who is blamed for "infecting" the western world with true, factual info about Hillary's corruption and her satanist campaign chair John Podesta:


With his success in the US last year, Putin has put opponents on notice that there will be a price to pay for crossing him. Indeed, the complex infrastructure that Russia built to infect public discourse with false or stolen information isn’t going anywhere. It can be unleashed at any time, on any issue, domestic or international.

This came into sharp relief this weekend when President Trump implied a sort of moral equivalence between the Putin regime and the US[.]

President Trump suggested moral equivalence ("You think our country's so innocent?") because that's the best he could do in the face of interviewer Bill O'Reilly's profoundly imbecilic knowledge of Vladimir Putin.

The truth is, there is no moral equivalence. The United States over the last quarter of a century is responsible directly through its foreign interventions, for millions of deaths.

So many American politicians have this blood on their hands through their votes, and media personalities through their advocacy - including O'Reilly. As Trump said, "There are a lot of killers." Russia and Putin can't be blamed for even a fraction of that bloodletting. 

At the close of Mook's article he applauds social media behemoths Twitter and Facebook, for taking the first steps toward outright bans on dissenting political speech, and agreeing to serve as hatchetmen for the lying mainstream media like the Guardian, who are the relentless pushers of actual fake news:

Facebook and Twitter have taken encouraging steps to filter out misleading content. Their continuing vigilance will be critical. We must also think about how to manage the presence of government-backed news operations, such as Russia Today (rebranded as the more opaque RT) which can increase their reach through online promotion. The law makes no distinction between the New York Times and outlets like RT or China Daily, which are essentially state-sponsored propaganda. Sadly, the unfiltered nature of much social media means many Americans don’t see much of a distinction either.

Disgraceful and disgusting. Yet Russophobic propaganda parrots like the Guardian and Robby Mook,  love to paint Russia as a land of totalitarianism where the media doesn't allow dissent (not true at all) and "Putin kills journalists" (they can't name even one). It is plain to see where the real spinmeisters and totalitarians are lurking who want to put filters on free information and pass off their hate-laced fables as dogma. It is not in Moscow.

After such a gargantuan and unexpected failure as Hillary's 2016 presidential campaign, Robby Mook's career as a political guru is probably over. Just like the Guardian's image as a respectable news source. 

All that is left is the whining and crying, and shifting of blame - especially onto what has become the western globalist elite's stock deus ex machina, big bad Vladimir. 

Putin done it. Be afraid. Be very afraid. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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