Facebook Launches Censorship Campaign Against Invaluable Alt-Media Outlet, South Front

Facebook won't say how or where they went against "community standards"

Russia Insider note: This is hugely alarming. South Front is a valuable member of the alt-media family but its output is somewhat unique. Where the rest of us are tend to be very opinionated and specialize in commentary, South Front sticks to wire-agency style updates. Their output are dry news updates from around the world's conflict zones. If even such a matter-of-fact site is not safe from censorship no one is.

Facebook is censoring SouthFront’s website and videos.

  • All posts with links to southfront.org have been removed;
  • All SouthFront videos released in 2018 have been removed;
  • No more links to southfront.org can be posted on Facebook;

The formal reason is that southfront.org doesn’t meet Facebook’s Community Standards.

Here you can find people sharing examples how Facebook is censoring SouthFront’s articles:

This goes as part of Facebook’s expanding censorship campaign announced by Mark Zuckerberg during a joint hearing of Senate Judiciary Committee and Commerce Committee on April 10.

In this situation, we kindly recommend you to follow SouthFront’s news directily on southfront.org or via our accounts in Telegram https://t.me/southfronteng and Twitter https://twitter.com/southfronteng

Furthermore, since the start of the week, southfront.org has been repeatedly attacked. Our team is now working to repel these attacks.

The censorship on Facebook, attacks on southfront.org as well as resumed attempts to discredit SouthFront are a part of the new wave of aggressive actions against the world’s alternative media.

It’s likely that this campaign is military preparations ahead of a big conflict in the Middle East.the growing possibility of a large-scale military conflict in Syria.

Source: South Front

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