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Eurovision: German Media - 0 Points!

During the Eurovision Song Contest, frustrated German media could not resist showing its hatred for Russia

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The Eurovision Song Contest has finished in Vienna, but the contest for the best ESC Russia bashing by the German media is yet to be decided! Here are the contestants:

No.1: Spiegel Online:

<figcaption>И по- о - бедите-е-е-.ль - точно не Германия...</figcaption>
И по- о - бедите-е-е-.ль - точно не Германия...

Was it also about politics? For a long time it looked like as if Russia would win [Germany, too, gave Russia 12 points]. Eventually they finished second. In the time of the Ukrainian crisis this has certain sensitivity to it. Especially because the Russian singer Polina Gagarina claims with passion to prey for more peace and all this in front of the globe projected on the stage. The narrator Peter Urban commented: "May God, excuse me, Putin hear you pray." The host, Mirjam Weichselbraun, mentioned that music is above politics this evening. As if it was that simple.

No. 2: Süddeutsche Zeitung:

Only after England — as the 27th out of 40 countries — presented their votes did the 'Hero-Swede’ overtake Russia's Polina Gagarina, which relieved many supporters of the ESC from the terrifying thought of having to travel to Moscow in 2016.

No.3: Welt Online:

For a long time the Russian Polina Gagarina was leading with her cuddly-propaganda-song, 'A Million Voices', that is whining for peace and healing. Germany, too, gave 12 points for the mean piece. Although last year the harmless Russian song was openly booed and met with hostility.

No.4: Zeit Online:

With more than 60 points ahead, Zelmerlöw won the competition against the blonde Russian Polina Gagarina, who sang the same — not credible — peace anthem that the Russian state broadcaster has been sending year after year to the song contest since 2013, only slightly modified versions of it though.

Polina Gagarina’s lines "praying for peace and healing, I hope we can start again" for many sounded like mockery knowing that the Russian state broadcaster consciously selected the song to convey that message.

Boggie from Hungary complained about 'Wars for Nothing’. Who wanted could link the message also to Russia.

No.5: FAZ [Frankfurter Allgemeine]:

As 20 out of 40 countries already voted, Russia was ahead of Sweden and Italy by a few points. Next year ESC in Vladimir Putin’s empire? Unthinkable! Anyone but not the blonde Russian on the winner’s podium!

Which German slime factory should triumph? Vote in the comments section!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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