CNN to Produce 'News-Like Content on Behalf of Advertisers'

The nightly news will now be sprinkled with native advertising

CNN — bad for your health
CNN — bad for your health

Native advertising — sometimes known by its colloquial name, "fake news stories paid for by the world's most hideous corporations and private interests" — has long been a hallmark of print journalism. Just pick up a soiled copy of Time magazine from the floor of a public restroom and have a look if you don't believe us. And now the whorish cornerstone of journalism is official TV news practice, although Pentagon contractors posing as concerned citizens have been playing this trick on live television for years. CNN of course is leading the way:

CNN has announced the formation of a new unit that will not report the news. Instead, it will take money from corporations to produce content that resembles news but is actually PR designed to burnish its clients’ images.

The name CNN gives to this mercenary enterprise? “Courageous.”

Yes. Courageous. Truly, the only appropriate name. We enjoyed FAIR's simple yet elegant take on this: 

So advertisers will come to Courageous because CNN‘s “trustworthiness” and unwillingness to “blur the lines” will be transfered by viewers to advertising content that is “similar” to CNN‘s news but “clearly label[ed] and differentiat[ed].” This is a business strategy, of course, that only works if the similarity outweighs the differentiation.

This is the future, friends.

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