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CNN: Naughty Russians Caused the Saudi-Qatari Split

They also killed JFK, and planted the iceberg that sunk the Titanic

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What is behind the dramatic Saudi-Qatari split? Well Russian hackers, of course. They're behind everything: 

US investigators believe Russian hackers breached Qatar's state news agency and planted a fake news report that contributed to a crisis among the US' closest Gulf allies, according to US officials briefed on the investigation.

Oh, how unusual! Americans who say the Russians are naughty! That just never happens. 

Let's delve deeper inside this fascinating story:

The FBI recently sent a team of investigators to Doha to help the Qatari government investigate the alleged hacking incident, Qatari and US government officials say.

Intelligence gathered by the US security agencies indicates that Russian hackers were behind the intrusion first reported by the Qatari government two weeks ago, US officials say. Qatar hosts one of the largest US military bases in the region.

American intelligence officials traveled to Qatar and found indices that Russians had intruded two weeks ago! Why did they even bother? As the ex-US intelligence chief James Clapper explained recently the Russians are "genetically driven" to meddle. They could have listened to their former boss and spared themselves a trip. Of course, it was the Russians. It's genetic.

Another thing everybody knows about the Russians is they don't take a dump without having a plan, or asking the government for permission:

US officials say the Russian goal appears to be to cause rifts among the US and its allies. ..

It's not yet clear whether the US has tracked the hackers in the Qatar incident to Russian criminal organizations or to the Russian security services blamed for the US election hacks. One official noted that based on past intelligence, "not much happens in that country without the blessing of the government."

There you go. Putin hacked Qatar and caused the split in the Gulf Cooperation Council. Because he can do that. And then he left all the traces for FBI to find leading back to him in there. Because when he hacks that's how he does it.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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