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Bloomberg, Have You No Tolstoy?

Russia's resilient economy and surging popularity despite western santions is a phenomena. Unfortunately the Bloombergs of the world cannot bow out gracefully when the jig is up. Vladmir Putin has won this west-east war game at every turn, and only spoiled sports remain arrogantly...

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Leonid Bershidsky seems angry to me, since his defection to Berlin. But then maybe I am being harsh? The Bloomberg View contributor, journalist, political analyst has continued his somber ritual of Putin bashing this week with; “Putin's Soviet Revival Misfires”.  Somebody spank Bloomberg’s editorial board PLEASE! If Vladimir renamed the Russian Federation “NEW USSR” this week, Russians would cheer. 

Now I know why most mainstream media is all fouled up the last year and a half, they are deaf and dumb. For a moment, read along with me from this latest diatribe. Bershidsky forwards with:

<figcaption>Mikhail Khodorkovsky in War and Peace - Right</figcaption>
Mikhail Khodorkovsky in War and Peace - Right

“One of the pillars of President Vladimir Putin's new national ideology is that Russia should occupy the Soviet Union's onetime prominent place in the world.”

My immediate thought reading was; “So what?” The Obama administration and the neocons have winded up Cold War II, and shooting war #57 in the same space Russia of time Russia was in fact only defending herself from spoiled sports and warmongers. From deep underneath Washington's and London’s grimy streets, it seems every Russian mobster and leftist whack job on our planet is scurrying about. They are fumbling their way toward some nebulous ideal, evidently, and if  Bershidsky's right about Mr. Putin's Soviet melancholy, I'll join in with his countrymen and yell "Hell yes!" An honest Bolshevism beats a lying plutocratic corporation any day.

To continue with the "proof" of Vladimir Putin's Soviet Empire in ruin, the Bloomberger congributor continues: 

"On Saturday, a Russian Proton-M rocket carrying a Mexican satellite crashed less than 10 minutes after takeoff. It was the latest of at least seven Proton mishaps since 2010, and the second major Russian space incident in three weeks."

Putin as Tsar
My question on this is, "If Russian rockets are so bad, why does the US DOD cry so for buying some more?"  Lord knows Mr. Putin is surely postponing his appearance wearing the former Tsar's Great Imperial Crown this week! Thinking back on the "ACME Roadrunner" rocket flubs of the United States back in the 60's, we showed the world, now didn't we?

Onward and upward with the disgruntled Russian writer we go, as he assures us readers that if sputtering rockets don't damn Vladmir Putin's dreams of conquest, a wayward hockey puck will. Yes, Putin's personal goal scoring prowess matters little when the Russian national hockey team loses 1 to 6 to Canada in the final game of the world championships. I guess Bershidsky remembers how the USSR conquered all of Europe and Asia, along with parts of Africa back in 1972. That was when the Unites States Olympic basketball team lost their first ever game EVER to Russia at the 1972 Summer Olympics at Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle in Munich, Germany. Yep, Richard Nixon ran up the white flag over the White House that evening. 

Getting real, how about a break Bloomberg, can’t you control your minions? Why is it readers must be continually subjected to the so-called genius of Putin haters? Isn’t it pretty clear Russia loves its president? More poignantly for a cadre of would-be Putin slayers, there is a shorter route to a solution for you. Hello, armies of poor sports faithful beneath Sergei Guriev, Garry Kasparov, Masha Gessen, and Leonid Bershidsky, isn’t it about time you “got on with it?”

Better yet, why doesn’t your benefactor Mikhail Khodorkovsky just emerge from underneath the wings of the bleeding hearts petulant about defending world oligarchs and fight like a man? Man up po-ed billionaires of the world!

Image icon dr.jpg
Come on Mikhail, challenge Vladimir to an old fashioned duel and put yourself out of your own misery and your throng too. The jig is up. Putin has won at every turn, no matter what your philosophy is. So when the duel is over, and you’re laid to rest via saber strike, pistol shot, or judo chop, hundreds of millions of people can get on with their lives in peace.

Many are tired now , tired of the endless War and Peace of Russia’s formerly richest oil oligarch. For crying out loud your left thinking throng are the same ones who assassinated Romanovs, Putin’s right sided Russians just put you in a comfortable plane seat and waved bye-bye. Let’s examine real evil where we find it, shall we? Get over yourself, you are not Dr. Zhivago and Leonid Bershidsky is not Maurice Jarre conducting the score for your film masterpiece.

Then again, the Russian-language edition of Boris Pasternak ‘s Doctor Zhivago was covertly published by the CIA! Is this what all the new anti-Russia tension is about? You want the Nobel Prize, don’t you? Or maybe Bershidsky or one of the others does?

Whether the Khodorkovsky  or Bershidsky type want the billions back, or just statues to their immutable excellence, repeated devastation in their propaganda game has obviously made them punch drunk. Breathing their last bombastic Putin bashing gasps Russia’s dissident Valley girls are towing Bloomberg into the pit right along with them. The article that prompted this rant resorts to hockey losses to illustrate how the USSR can never reappear.

They’ve lost Bloomberg, how about consulting the winner for some editorial in the near future. Hurry, your readers are not that stupid or that patient.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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