RT Host Anissa Naouai Nails CNN for Whitewashing Child-Killing Terrorists

Boo, hiss, CNN shame on you...

This is a 2.2 minute video from October 2015, but still very relevant today.

Sometimes Western media has no limits on how low it will go to spread more anti-Russian lies, but in October of 2015, CNN topped them all.

They blamed Russia's security services for the deaths of innocents during the Moscow theater siege in 2002; deaths that would of never occurred if the brutal terrorists never took innocents hostage.

But CNN went much further than that, and blamed Russia's actions in Chechnya for the actions of terrorists, who they called "rebels", in the brutal Beslan school massacre. They argued Russia's actions provoked the "rebels" to kill innocents.

Sorry CNN, but nothing in this world could justify the killing of innocent children. Check out what Anissa Naouai had to say here:

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