African Migrant Tries to Kill 50 Italian Kids: Don't Count on Leftist Media to Care

No matter what, journalists will find a way to blame whitey

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

A few days after the Christchurch, New Zealand shootings that left sixty dead, an African immigrant bus driver in Milan, Italy tried to light fifty white Italian children on fire on their way to school. Yes, you read that correctly. You probably didn’t hear all that much about the latter incident. What’s more, this rambling, incompetent, Senegalese zealot was startlingly close to accomplishing his aims. The kids were all still evacuating the bus as it went up in flames. In the end, the Italian police emerged looking like heroes, and no Italian children perished. A number of fortuitous events came together to produce a splendid, almost miraculous outcome, however. It could easily have turned out very differently.

In the aftermath of this horrific school bus attack, there was no international condemnation. Leftist radicals high in the Italian government did not ban any weapons so as to disarm innocent people, as occurred in New Zealand. Black people all over Italy did not pain themselves to apologize for their fellow black man’s vile acts, as whites have done the world over on account of the New Zealand atrocity. TV pundits did not encourage black Africans to engage in extensive soul-searching on account of all the anti-white hate in the African diaspora. There was no call to institute more totalitarian speech codes against “hate speech” (a fancy term used by Marxists and their serfs to describe any argument the political left doesn’t like and can’t defeat without force). There was no media propaganda blitz. The lying press covered the event, but hardly, bitterly, and when it did, it did everything it could to place this poor, brown, oppressed victim who tried to torch fifty white children alive, in the most favorable light possible.

Some papers, like the New York Post and the Houston Chronicle, cast this unthinkable criminal act as essentially a “migration protest” (their words), since this would-be mass murderer of children was understandably indignant about Matteo Salvini’s willingness to take a hard line against invading hordes of 3rd world undesirables. Remember, to the lying press, no matter whose fault it really is, it’s whitey’s fault. This is Cultural Marxism 101, people. You see, this poor African psychopath was just protesting against the great injustices being perpetrated regularly against his race by privileged white Europeans who have Nazism more or less built into their genetic code. Fifty dead white children is a small price to pay to advance something as priceless as social justice, am I right?

After all, freedom of movement is a “human right”, which means the right to exclude doesn’t exist. You believe in borders and national sovereignty and private property and freedom of association? What are you some sort of fascist? Hey, don’t take my word for it. Davide Banis wrote an article for Forbes Magazine last year entitled, “If We Want to Solve The World’s Problems, We First Need To Abolish All Borders”. That’s how we solve the world’s problems, people. Obviously. That and the Green New Deal, of course. All educated, progressive folks know this. In October of 2015, Alex Tabarrok of the Atlantic penned an article entitled, “The Case For Getting Rid Of Borders--- Completely”. Mr. Tabarrok insists that there is really no other logical conclusion if we are truly moral people, genuinely concerned about living up to our noble, core principles. It’s open borders or Hitlerism, folks. There is really no other choice. Interestingly, Tabarrok may be right in one meaningful sense. If you truly accept all the insane egalitarian falsehoods and related Cultural Marxist moral premises most white Westerners have been programmed and conditioned to believe, his conclusions are probably right. The problem is, none of those falsehoods or premises are actually true, but that is a discussion for another time.

It is important to remember that these are not the voices of fringe folks on the left. The Democrat grassroots really wants to abolish ICE. I also suspect that within a few decades, if demographic trends persist, they will abolish ICE, if not literally, effectively. Moreover, this divide between the right and the left is not like the disagreement over how high tax rates should be or whether a fist fight between two willing participants should constitute a criminal offense. This is a divide concerning the fundamental nature of a nation. It is a divide that will decide our destiny as a people. You could even argue that it is a disagreement about whether there should be nations at all. Although to be fair, it’s less of a debate question and more of a struggle between those trying to keep America a bona fide nation-state, and those actively abolishing her. We are mired in a bloodless civil war.

When the differences between groups become large enough, the appropriate response is not to bicker over whose values or genes or religious views are better, within the confines of a debased quasi-democratic process that amounts to little more than a tribal headcount, the appropriate response is to split those groups up, as promptly as possible, before the divide and discord lead to tyranny, insurrection, or genocide. The proper remedy is to give those starkly different peoples control over their own destinies, as peoples. The Founding Fathers understood this.

Virtually all right-thinking, white Middle Americans believe in borders. Whereas the Neo-Bolshevik modern left does not. That is not a difference that can be glossed over or reconciled. Americans should not have to be eradicated as a people and a civilization because crypto-Marxist out-ethnics in coastal states hate us and continue to deliberately import and shelter our racial and religious enemies, in defiance of federal law. We shouldn’t have to sit idly by as our supposed moral betters, who are in truth tyrants of a sort, plot and carry out our racial and civilizational destruction. The United States should be split up, it must be split up, before those of us who love America lose any more of it. Both our fate and indeed our very existence as a people, are on the line.

This mad Senegalese bus driver, who I have no doubt possesses an IQ just below what you set your thermostat to at night, took to social media not long before this appalling mass murder attempt on his own defenseless young passengers, and called on black Africans to “rise up”. So, you might begin to wonder against whom. Well, against the white oppressor to be sure. Remember, racial consciousness is bad. For whites. For anyone not white, racial advocacy and racial consciousness and racial identity and racial politics are all indispensable, nay they are the path to enlightenment and group liberation, from the yoke of infinite gibs and hiring preferences or something.

It is all quite peculiar anyhow, as I thought these poor migrants from the global south just wanted better lives for themselves. That’s what the lying press keeps telling us, over and over and over. Nevertheless, it so happens that many of them don’t just want that. Many are extremely hostile to their white hosts, are unable to really assimilate into Western culture or integrate into a first world economy, loathe our traditions and our values, and some actually want to burn our children alive. It is almost like these same people behave in our countries exactly as they behave in their own countries. Who would have thunk it?

On the bright side, this Senegalese arsonist likely red pilled millions of Italians by committing this perfectly ineffectual yet heinous act. There is hardly a white Western European left who doesn’t wish his nation had a migration policy awfully similar to Poland’s, Guy Verhofstadt and his deranged and disconnected rantings notwithstanding. I wonder how many Italian kids still believe that diversity is our greatest strength this week? How does one say “Orwellian indoctrination” in Italian?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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