Measles Epidemic: Ukraine's Vaccination Rates Post Maidan Made Africa Look Good

75,000 cases of measles -- that will happen when your vaccination rate plunges to between Angola and Nigeria, and after war-torn Somalia

I am not one of those people who mock Ukraine as Africa with snow.

It’s amusing, but not really accurate.

<figcaption>Figures from mid 2018, since then Ukraine has added another 50,000</figcaption>
Figures from mid 2018, since then Ukraine has added another 50,000

But damn they do they sometimes give cause for it!

Not only do they have the highest measles rate in Europe, they have the highest measles rate in the entire world.

53,000 cases in 2018!

There are also reports that there have been another 24,042 cases in the first two months of this year. It’s a raging epidemic at this point.

Why Ukraine?

Obviously because Russian trolls hoodwinked them onto anti-vax in revenge for the Maidan.


By 2016, Ukraine’s measles vaccination rate was down to 42%, wedged in between Angola and Nigeria; Somalia was slightly higher; only four countries – Nigeria, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, and South Sudan – did worse.

It did recover to 86% in 2017, but evidently too late to prevent the epidemic.

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