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Max Blumenthal's Excellent Videos From Venezuela Prove the Media Are Lying AGAIN

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Follow intrepid Max as he gets to the bottom things on the ground.

He uses a very effective technique of interspersing clips of American robots, er, we mean newscasters, saying one thing, and showing his own footage showing the exact opposite. Quite entertaining.

Here he is touring a state-subsidized communal market showing that there are plenty of basic consumer goods available to poor Venezuelans:

Here he looks in on an up-scale mall in Caracas and hams it up with the locals, hunting for 'socialism':

Here's a guy who quit a lucrative job on Wall Street and returned to Venezuela to support Chavez and Maduro. He explains why he thinks Maduro is better than Guaido:

And here's Blumenthal back in the US explaining why he's convinced that the Venezuela 'crisis' is a US-manufactured 'psy-op.'

Good reporting and good journalism. From independent media of course, you'll never find something this honest in the mainstream.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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