Maria Zakharova Slams Erdogan on Killed Russian Pilots

Turkey seems to regret torpedoing its relations and trade with Russia, but Turkish arrogance will not allow them to admit they were wrong

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Originally Appeared at Contra-Magazine. Translated from the German by Werner Schrimpf

Maria Sacharowa, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, is correcting Mr. Erdogan’s words concerning the murder of the Russian pilot. Erdogan should put his words in the correct order, because it was Russia that lost two pilots because of Turkey, and not the other way around. Earlier, Mr. Erdogan had sent some soft messages in the direction of Russia.

The relations between Moscow and Ankara have had seen better times. But the major responsibility for the deterioration is on Ankara’s side. After having experienced major economic set-backs, Turkey’s President Mr. Erdogan is now sending soft messages to Moscow. He was quoted by Sputnik news agency, “It's a pity that Russia has lost a friend like Turkey because of two pilots.”   

On her official Facebook page, Ms. Sacharowa has now corrected the words of Mr. Erdogan, who pretends to be sorry about the deterioration of relations with Moscow, which were caused by the incident with the Russian fighter aircraft, Su-24, last November. One of the pilots was shot and murdered by Turkmen terrorists with tacit approval from Ankara. But nevertheless, Ankara and lying Western main stream media try to blame Russia for the broken relationship.

Maria Sacharowa, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry: “And now let's put the words in the order in which they should stand: “Russia, because of Turkey, lost two pilots”. Not just a game with words, Moscow is correcting Mr. Erdogan’s speech concerning „lost friends“.

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