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Mama Merkel Praises Self for Destroying Germany by Dumping Genetic Waste on Her People

Mama Merkel has largely gone quiet on the global scene – and apparently on the local German scene. Because if she was out there, she would have to comment on a lot of things that I don’t think the “global community” wants her to comment on, since she is such a universally hated figure.

But she remains the Chancellor of Germany. And she occasionally pops her bulldog head up to congratulate herself for flooding Europe with the worst genetic waste on Earth: Syrian refugees from Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Albania and Bangladesh.


Angela Merkel has again defended her decision to open the borders in 2015, insisting welcoming the influx of more than a million third world migrants was “not a mistake”.

Speaking at a town hall dialogue in Brandenburg on Tuesday evening, the German Chancellor said the move was necessary against the backdrop of an “extraordinary situation” in the form of conflict in Syria and Islamist terrorism in the Middle East.

Her decision to suspend the Dublin Regulation on asylum with her announcement that “refugees” were welcome — moves which triggered an unprecedented wave of third world migration to Europe — were “not something to disown”, she told the audience.

“If there were mistakes made in the context [of the 2015 crisis], taking people in was not one of them,” Merkel insisted, adding: “The mistake was not going in advance to places hosting lots of refugees, like Lebanon and Jordan, to see how people were doing there.

“Therefore we have since learned about helping refugees locally,” she said — as if no-one had advocated such a policy previously.

The German politician’s opening of EU borders was greeted with an outpouring of praise from left-neoliberal international media outlets, many of which — along with global bodies such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) — gushed that the move was sure to boost German prosperity.

But despite the government’s splashing out tens of billions of euros per annum on housing, welfare, and integration for newcomers since the crisis, 65 per cent of the “refugees” who arrived to Germany in 2016 are still not in work, as Breitbart London reported in January.

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I’m so tired of the economic arguments.

Yes, obviously these people are not paying the pensions of old Germans, and are in fact costing tens of billions of euros a year. Of course they are. That was obviously going to be the case. Everyone knew that the overwhelming majority of them were illiterate in their own languages, and Merkel was claiming they were going to work in high-tech.

It was not an actual argument, it was a bizarre justification intended as a form of psychological warfare against the people of Europe. It gave them something to repeat to one another about why they were allowing this bitch to completely destroy their country forever.

But at this point, pointing out that her economic claims were a lie almost gives the impression that if they hadn’t been a lie, this would somehow be okay. If all these cave people from Central Asia that she marched in had gotten jobs writing JavaScript for Siemens, replacing the country’s population would have been a good idea.

That is the thing about these economic arguments for ethnic replacement: they are so ridiculous that they can be dismissed out of hand. But when you engage them, you enter a situation where you are at least appearing to accept the premise that economic concerns could ever be a reason for the systematic replacement of a nation’s people with foreigners.

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I am unwilling to accept that premise. If we are facing an economic downturn and a decline in the quality of living for the average person, then we can deal with that in some other way, or we can just manage a decline in quality of living while we restructure our economy.

“Racial replacement” should never have been one of the cards in the economic deck.

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