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Main Suspect in Nemtsov Murder Withdraws Confession, Says He Has Alibi

According to Zaur Dadayev, the confessionary evidence was given under pressure and under orders

MOSCOW, April 1 (TASS) - Zaur Dadayev, the main suspect in the murder case of Russian politician Boris Nemtsov, pleaded not guilty at the Moscow City Court on Wednesday, a TASS correspondent has reported.

Investigator Anton Migunov earlier said that Dadayev had given confessionary evidence many times that confirmed his guilt and complicity of other accomplices in the murder.

<figcaption>Zaur Dadayev |Photo: ©Mikhail Pochutyev, TASS</figcaption>
Zaur Dadayev |Photo: ©Mikhail Pochutyev, TASS

"My testimony was given under pressure and under orders. There are no witnesses and I have an alibi as during the murder I was at home," Dadayev said.

Dadayev claimed he was kidnapped on March 5 in Magas, the capital of Russia’s Republic of Ingushetia, and was taken to the Investigative Committee’s building in Moscow on March 7.

"I was abducted by unknown people and under the threat of my killing and the killing of my friend I gave testimony under orders," Dadayev said.

The investigator said Dadayev’s testimony is not the only evidence as Russia’s law enforcement bodies have the other proof that cannot be disclosed on grounds of secrecy.

"The investigation into the criminal case is ongoing, investigative actions are carried out extensively including those aimed at finding the possible contractor of the murder," the investigator said.

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