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Humiliated, It Is Time for Ukrainians to Bring Maidan to Amsterdam

Ukrainians ought to give the Dutch a lesson in democratic people power

When I learned that the main demonstration before the important referendum in support of the Ukraine was going to take place on Amsterdam’s Dam Square, my heart started to beat fast. I thought that hundreds of activists who came from Mother Ukraine would set up camp by tradition and would refuse to budge until the Dutch voted for the right of the Ukraine to have an association agreement with Europe. 

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte failed to secure Ukraine’s European choice. His smiles are in vain – he may share Yanukovich’s fate soon.

Of course, it is well known that the past referendum doesn’t solve anything because of its consultative nature. But at the same time it is very important – almost the whole of the Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), headed by Minister Pavel Klinkin, arrived in the Netherlands with one purpose in mind. A 65-kilometer bike ride from the Hague to Amsterdam was organized under blue-and-yellow flags. The runners covered a little less distance.  

Generally, the people tried to attract attention. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Or maybe on the contrary, the demonstration had the opposite effect. Because who knows what these strange Dutch want?

I think now the citizens of the Ukraine have already begun to translate the great poem, “We will never be brothers” (a post-Maidan anti-Russian ouevre – ed), to the Dutch. Because as a regular member of a Ukrainian online forum wrote, it is hard to forgive such a humiliation.

“This is a failure. The fact that two thirds of the Dutch voted against the association between Ukraine and the European Union means a red card to the Ukraine’s MFA and personally to Klimkin”, a member of the Verkhovna Rada and former activist of “Freedom” Party  Borislav Bereza  concluded miserably. He also alluded that Pavel Klimkin should take drastic measures to make people respect him: “At the time when honor was a thing people valued, they dueled to preserve it”.  

And you are saying that the result doesn’t matter - look how passions are running high…

Honestly, the situation is revolutionary. The same as it was two years ago when tens of thousands citizens of Kiev, as well as rural people, took to the streets. Because it’s quite obvious that Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, like Victor Yanukovich, sold out to Putin. Or Obama. Generally, it doesn’t matter to poor Ukrainians any more.   

This betrayer has already stated, as now they will review the agreement on association with Ukraine: “It will take us days, weeks to review the agreement with Ukraine step by step, to satisfy all the parties both at the national and European levels”.

So “they-are-just-children” (an allusion to students who started protests in Kiev – ed) should stay in Amsterdam and start Maidan right in the heart of Europe, employing their vast experience.

Fight against the local police! Start to burn tyres on the Dam! Storm the Royal Palace of Amsterdam! Let King Willem-Alexander, together with the Ukraine’s enemy Mark Rutte, ask for political asylum in Russia as Yanukovich did! There is no place for them in civilized Europe! 

They wanted to do it peacefully – bikes, peaceful demonstrations... But no one listened to them. Now they have to show the Dutch what is the difference between their sated monarchy and real democracy.

Source: Live Journal

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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