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Maduro Says It Costs Venezuela Triple to Buy Virus Test Kits Due to US Sanctions

Calls on Washington to drop sanction so they can go and buy what's needed

Meanwhile, China has been shipping them in for free

The Venezuelan President highlighted that “it has cost them three times as much effort” to be able to obtain test kits for the detection of the coronavirus and different supplies, as a result of the illegal sanctions and the blockade that the United States government applies against Venezuela, which is why he demanded once again that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, lift the sanctions.

“This is a right moment to demand that President Donald Trump lift the criminal sanctions against Venezuela, for us to be able to go out and buy everything that is needed at the medical level to deal with this situation,” he said.

“It costs us three times more to go out and look for the diagnostic test kits, to have enough for this stage. But we have succeeded, and we continue to search for the successive stages that may come.”

He indicated that “in the first exchange, we went out to buy diagnostic test kits for coronavirus in the world, and international private companies said they were threatened with criminal sanctions by the United States government, which even in these cases persecutes us.”

He noted that 46 public hospitals nationwide are the ones that will be directing the coronavirus care process. He also indicated that private clinics will join in the care provision, giving them all the guarantees to work together.

Support from China and Cuba

He indicated that, thanks to the Cuba-Venezuela agreement, there are 10,000 doses of the drug Interferon to provide treatment to those who may appear to be affected.

He thanked the People’s Republic of China for their support. He indicated that thousands of diagnostic test kits have been supplied by the Asian giant. “We are officially and urgently asking you to send us a group of experts, who have been in the fight and control of this pandemic in China, to add knowledge and effort.” He indicated being willing to listen to recommendations from all sectors regardless of political barriers.

Source: Alba Ciudad translated at Orionoco

Source: Anti-Empire
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