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MADURO: 'EU Leaders Are Bootlickers to the US', Vows to Fight (Russian TV News Video)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Yup, we couldn't agree more. Just look at this guy.

Emmanuel Macron

The quote comes from a very interesting Russian TV News report below, explaining that Maduro is organizing mass counter-protests. It's going to be an interesting week.

Transcript below:

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Now, let's focus on Venezuela. Today, the Foreign Ministry declared that Caracas would do everything to neutralize Washington's attempts to stage a coup. Against this backdrop, the American diplomats, whom Nicolas Maduro had given 72 hours to leave, decided to stay in Venezuela. And the self-proclaimed President Guaido began sabotaging the Venezuelan military.

Our American reporter Alexander Khristenko with the details.

Nicolas Maduro is demonstrating his iron will to his country and the world. He got on a tank and ventured into the water to personally patrol the coast. On his mission, he was accompanied by his wife Cilia Flores and his troops. The Venezuelan President also tested the readiness of his troops at a firing range and their loyalty which is crucial in the context of the political crisis.

“- Are you imperialists?

- No, our President!

- Are you anti-imperialists?

- Yes, our President!

- Will you ever betray me?

- Never!

- Will you be forever loyal?

- Forever!

- That's how it should be!”

Maduro called himself the guarantor of peace in the country.

Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela: “The US empire is attacking our Army. In Colombia, they are scheming, aiming to divide our Armed Forces. Every day, they send thousands of messages on social networks. They are testing your morality trying to make traitors out of you. I came here today to tell you that our Army is closer to the people than ever. With each passing day, its commitment to the Revolution, Motherland, and Constitution only grows.’

Maduro announced the biggest military exercise in the history of Venezuela which will focus on defense against invasions. The fact that the scenario of the Venezuelan exercise might become reality was confirmed by Washington. Senator Lindsey Graham shared that he had a conversation with the President in early January in which Trump was contemplating using military force against Caracas. Back then, the senator told the President: "It would be problematic."

Even the top-ranking members of the American administration displayed limited knowledge of the subject. Secretary of State Pompeo mispronounced the name of the person the US recognized as the President of Venezuela. Instead of "Guaido", he called him "Guido" which is a racial slur used in the US against Italians-Americans. Trump's National Security Advisor Bolton misspelled the name of Washington's favorite on Twitter. Instead of "Guaido", he spelled "Guiado" which means "guided" in Spanish.

The leader of opposition announced new pan-national protests on Wednesday and Saturday.

Juan Guaido, leader of opposition: “On the national and international levels, on the streets of Venezuela and across the world we'll be celebrating the support the EU provided to the people of Venezuela and maintain the ultimatum we gave to Maduro.”

Europe issued an ultimatum: either new elections are held or Europe recognizes Guaido. Maduro responded.

Nicolas Maduro: “The European leaders are bootlickers, pandering to Donald Trump's policies. The entire Europe bows to the US President especially when it comes to Venezuela.”

There will be mass counter-protests. Venezuela is bracing for them.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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