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Macron's Fall Could Bring a Nationalist, Conservative Takeover of Europe (Steve Turley Video)

France was the lone holdout, now it looks like it too will join the Nationalist wave taking over Europe, dumping the despised Macron.

Turley is on fire in this video. Well worth watching. Events in France are confirming what he has been saying all along.

Turley has a YouTube channel devoted to explaining current events in the context of what he argues is a historic, long-term trend - a global turn to conservatism, nationalism, traditionalism, and religion. Very much worth following. Here is an archive of his work published on Russia Insider.

For a good summary of Turley's views, see here:  Globalism Is Dying - Conservatism, Traditionalism, and Religion Are the Future - A Full Hour with Rising YouTuber Steve Turley

Subscribe to his channel and turn on notifications, you won't be disappointed.

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