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Lou Dobbs and Guest: Deep State Making US a 'Failed State'

The rampant political intrigue in America's key security agencies is destroying the country. And the mainstream is talking about it.

It is a little surreal to see the top-line Fox heavyweights - Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs pick up what RI has been saying since 2014. Here is another great example from last night.

Our government is no longer functioning properly

Chris Farrell, Director of Investigations and Research at Judicial Watch, the conservative legal investigative group which has exposed rampant wrong-doing by Democrats and their sympathizers in the bureaucracies was the guest.

He absolutely savaged the intelligence agencies, the justice department, the FBI, etc, saying that they are compromised - a fact that has been glaringly obvious because of Russiagate - which makes the US effectively a Banana Republic.

Dobbs bobs his head up and down in angry agreement.

"We've gone so far beyond the pale - as a country, we have slid off the edge," Farrell said. "It's [the deep state] really a giant socialist organ operating, that protects itself - you see offense after offense, and you find out that laws are for the little people, the Clinton gang walks away."

"People said, 'Hey, where's the Department of Justice investigation? Where's the FBI?' Half of the time, they're complicit."

Here's the money quote:

"This is evidence that we are becoming a failed state, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that," Farrell said.

"We have a paralyzed Justice Department and FBI, we have key leaders either unwilling to do anything or they themselves are personally compromised.

These are all symptoms or evidence of a failed state. That's where we're going, and we're doing it fast."

"This level of corruption... this is not an exaggeration - we are at the edge of becoming a failed state because there is no real accountability, there are no consequences, and the general public sees this. They know what's going on."

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