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Lost Causes No More - Russia's Military Factories Are Booming (Russian TV News)

Excellent footage of real Russian weapons manufacturing, and the people who make it happen.

Putin took a huge chance in saving these factories — and he's been vindicated.

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The state-owned corporation Rostec, which manufactures a wide variety of both military and civilian technologies, continues to advance its offerings and its pace. 

It's the biggest helicopter manufacturer in the world - by far

Rostec makes both civilian and military supplies. Check out this clip from the Russian media covering the story, with transcript below. 



In a quiet Ural forest, it raises the tube upwards, as if it were aiming at the air but then precisely hits a target at the distance of 30 km. The latest version of the self-propelled howitzer MSTA-S is unparalleled in its range and mobility.

Valery Kukis, chief designer:

"It can carry ten ammunition types."


A test flight of a Russian helicopter. During one of them, a record speed of more than 400 km/h was reached. And it's not the limit.

Nikolay Pavlenko, Designer General:

"Test results can be used in the development of military and civilian material."


We can't even show the majority of the new projects because they are classified. The financial data is public, though. It appears that no company in the world sells as many helicopters as Vertolyoty Rossii does. Sikorsky, Bell, and Eurocopter are lagging far behind.

All projects, production, and sales are the work of the State Corporation Rostec. Ten years ago, 700 enterprises joined their efforts to survive.

President Putin:

“There was a lot of skepticism. But we had even more supporters. I remember our motivation at that time. It was pretty simple. We could have lost some segments of our defense industry, which would render us unable to create modern weapon systems. Secondly, the first steps of the founders of the Corporation were hard indeed because the companies that were being discussed and the initial Rostec companies were then in a tough economic and financial state.”


The Russian President is awarding those who participated in the work. The workers were awarded along with the high executives. Here's Sergey Bakhmatov, a metalworker from Uralvagonzavod receiving an Order of Honor. He's been building tanks for 40 years.

Sergey Bakhmatov, metalworker at Uralvagonzavod:

"Even when I was in the army, I'd see a train car and there would be a tablet, saying it was produced in my home city."


Uralvagonzavod is currently engineering the export version of T-90 tanks. It's the most commercially-successful tank in the world. The perfect balance between price and quality.

Andrey Razmeritsa, head of tank department, Uralvagonzavod:

"It's unparalleled in its performance."


During the Soviet times, the Chernyshev Plant provided engines for all fighter jets in the USSR. Today, the Russian military materiel industry is being reborn.

Sergey Chemezov, CEO of Rostec:

"State security is our main objective. We are creating modern weapons that are capable of repelling an attack. Syria has shown that our weapons are quite viable."


The defense industry is the backbone of Rostec but the Corporation has 14 different divisions including the civil ones.

Sergey Chemezov:

“There was an order from our President to raise the percentage of the civil products at the defense enterprise up to 50% by 2035."


An optic glass factory in the province of Moscow produces both military and civil products. The pride of Russian optics is smelted in these furnaces at the temperature of 1500°. This glass is being used everywhere from submarines to spaceships.

Night vision devices cover plates for fighter jets telescopes with our lenses took part in locating the gravitational waves whose discovery earned this year's Nobel Prize.

Alexander Semenov, chief engineer:

"Its resolution allows you to see a lit candle in the Far East. That's the resolution this telescope is supposed to have."


The Parachute Research Institute. Their canopies lower paratroopers as well as space modules safely to the ground. Vladimir Nesterov is a test-skydiver. Only 12 people in Russia are working in this field.

Vladimir Nesterov:

"The objective of a skydiver is figuring out what happens with the parachute system."


He's got 13,000 jumps, mostly extreme ones. But the only time he got nervous was when he was awarded by the President.

Vladimir Nesterov:

"It can't be compared to skydiving. It was the first time I was in a situation like this, so I got nervous.”


The Corporation Rostec was presented with the Commendation of the Commander-in-Chief. They are planning to develop new models and open up new markets. This year's revenue is more than 80 bln rubles. Economists claim it can be further increased.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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