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Lonely Women on Twitter Take Turns Sniffing Louise Mensch's Underwear

Don't judge. 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

What a weird day. 

We swear on our Kalashnikov — we were sitting in the Kremlin Palace dumping bowls of black caviar on our face when we heard a "ping". 

<figcaption>Mensch, circa amphetamine-vacuum</figcaption>
Mensch, circa amphetamine-vacuum

Yes, the ping of a retweet; the ping of victory. 

Poor Louise Mensch — a drug-demented British psychopath who wants to bomb Russia because Putin ate her Tory homework — decided to share an article that we republished from Current Affairs, a distinguished and distinctly "western" publication with offices in London and Washington, D.C.; no outpost in Moscow, sadly. 


Mensch's Zerg army of lettuce heads then rushed to her defense in order to protect her from the "Kremlin" (an article written by westerners, published by westerners, and then republished by westerners). Like Ronald Reagan once said, "facts are stupid things". 

Prepare yourself for a special Twitter treat:











This goes on forever. And then some. 

As Americans, we would just like to state for the record: America really is, truly, boned. 

CORRECTION: After careful consideration, we have changed "smelling" to "sniffing", although we still maintain you can smell underwear. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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