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A Lighter Side of the USSR: "Candid Camera" Visits Moscow in 1961

Legendary American TV show gives unique insight into the lives of Soviet Moscovites

Russian Insider doesn't own copyrights for this video. The video is ownership of the Candid Camera show. 

What is most striking about this Candid Camera video is that American media had much less prejudice about Russians during the height of the Cold War than nowadays.


You would think that U.S. citizens and journalists in 1960s would have been much more prone to misconceptions of all kinds about Russians than contemporary Western citizens who have access to the Internet and full freedom to travel to Russia. Unfortunately, decades of trashy media coverage have taken their toll. 

In comparison with today's Western articles and reports,  this "Cold War video" looks like pro-Russian propaganda. It actually shows a lot of respect for the inhabitants of the Soviet Union which is almost unimaginable today. 
Now, compare this video with this racist and xenophobic Saturday Night Live "comedy" piece. Do you notice the difference?







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