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Ukraine Is Just the Beginning: The Neoliberals Will Destroy Europe

If nothing is done, Ukraine will surely pave the road for the creation of an even bigger crisis in Europe with the blessings of Washington, who have already made their plans for the region clear

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

We were forwarded this commentary from an anonymous author in Athens. It's an excellent analysis of the current situation in Ukraine, and also lays out what Greece is faced with: The increasing likelihood of its own "Maidan"-style coup in which right-wing muscle is used to enforce nationwide neoliberal privatization and robbery. As we reported earlier this week, the theft and robbery is already well under way.

Greek Prime Minister Tsipras' visit to Kiev has sparked serious debate in Greece.

<figcaption>What a pair.</figcaption>
What a pair.

We now see the true face of our government: They are openly colluding with a neoliberal regime protected by Nazi muscle.

Once the downfall starts, there is not stopping it. Tsipras and his fellows have passed from betrayal to wretchedness. But as we know birds of a feather flock together, with this visit they prove the internet correct: this is a coup. The history of Ukraine is an example of what is happening today in the “free” western world, with neoliberal politicians who may cooperate even with Nazis, and provide economic policies resulting in absolute poverty for the people.

Perhaps the only benefit of Tsipra’s visit is that Greeks are now more aware of what’s actually happening in Ukraine. They have a better understanding of the Kiev regime, its crimes and tactics, which for years have been hidden by our media.

It’s hard to imagine, but this is all happening in Europe, not in “undeveloped” Africa or Latin America, but Europe.

It’s hard to even talk about.

We could talk about the bombings that continue in Donbass, in residential areas, against houses, playgrounds, even schools, despite the Minsk agreement and against the international law; we could say the names of the child victims, who now are measured in tens unfortunately; we could talk about the affected industrial facilities that may cause an environmental disaster in the region; the Kiev regime is totally aware of the danger, as they bomb areas of their own country, part of their own people.

We could also add a lot about the situation in West Ukraine. We could talk about the hundreds of political prisoners — many of them internationalists. These internationalists who go to help the people of Donbass are treated in deplore ways when they are captured by Kiev’s forces.

Andrey Sokolof, a Russian metal worker who worked in Donbass helping to restore a factory that was destroyed by shelling, was detained and kept for 2 years in prison and 2 more in a secret basement without anyone knowing where he was or if he was alive; more recently the Brazilian Rafael Rousvalgi was sentenced to13 years in prison because he was caught fighting alongside the defenders of Donbass.

Meanwhile, the media remains silent. Much of what we know comes from Ukrainian political refugees and networks of resistors still living in Ukraine.

The leader of the party of Ukrainian Nationalists, which is the most powerful right-wing structure party in Ukraine, Andriy Biletsky, has announced a rallying cry with 600 nationalists, which could rise easily up to 1,000 with the assistance of other nationalist organizations, aiming to occupy Kharkov. Kharkov is in East Ukraine and is one of the areas that rallied against the coup in Kiev. But, in contrast to the population of Donetsk and Lugansk, social activists in Kharkov did not have the determination to continue resistance to Maidan, hoping instead to force the utranationalists out during elections. That was a delusion; the ultranationalists there, the same as in Odessa, created an atmosphere of terror and intimidation. Despite the fact that the most of the anti-coup activists are still locked away in Kharkov prisons, Poroshenko and his Nazi friends never forgave Kharkov for its resistance.

Today in the area of Kharkov that hosts mercenary training camps and secret facilities where weapon testing is conducted.

Biletsky is now calling for the next Maidan in Kiev.

It is not a coincidence that these events occur at a time of a continuing decline of Poroshenko’s popularity; the country’s economy is suffering and the people are far poorer than they were before the “Revolution of Dignity”.

Such a situation is used, once more, to create one extreme right-wing political manipulation of the country. In the meantime, these days land reform is attempted, reform hat will transform Ukraine to a vast manor, ruled by big investments from abroad (shares of the agricultural land have been already bought by the Saudis and other foreign investors). This so-called reform will impoverish Ukrainian farmers. In such a situation ultranationalists will play their role, from allies and friends they will transform to scarecrows or even the enemies of Poroshenko and probably his successors.

Tsipras wants us to believe that his “support” for Poroshenko’s regime means he is against the “bad” Nazis, forgetting that it was Poroshenko’s regime that used them and governed with them, adopting their methods and their policies.

There is a similar situation, after all, in our country too, just at a different level. The possibility of the right-wing seizing power is used one day as a solution, and the next day as a scarecrow, by a government that is enacting the same policies. Even with the IMF, the evaluations and the loans are converted from time to time from allies to bogeymen. In all of Europe these days, the danger of the rise of the far right-wing, or even of the fascists, has the same role — and ultimately enhancing their political influence.

That is only the one side of the coin. Ukraine will surely pave the road for the creation of an even bigger crisis in Europe, with the blessings of USA, NATO and EU, who have already made their plans for the region clear

All the above gives us a third perspective of Tsipra’s visit to Kiev; this visit brought us even closer to an area that is not too far from Greece to start with. As time passes there are no excuses for us to track events from above and to keep equal distances.

The attitude of the political parties, especially those of the left-wing, must be clarified immediately and expressed practically. Because Ukraine is not one more case to examine, but a European bastion for what is to happen to the rest of Europe, even with some possible differences.

Donbass is today the main point of resistance against fascism in its worst form, as Nazism. How things will develop there and the side the people of Europe will take in this clash and how energetically they will handle it —this will shape the future of Europe, perhaps the world.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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