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Let's Be Honest: Russia Would Never Get a Fair Day in Court

Putin's response to WADA's criminal behavior has been met with applause as well as scorn. Russia has a strong case, but would it ever get a fair day in court?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Let's begin with the obvious: Russia has been wronged. Its athletes have been smeared and disrespected.

The Olympic Games -- which, at least in theory, are supposed to rise above political differences -- have been used as part of a political witch hunt by the west.

<figcaption>Russia has a strong case. But it will never receive justice from the west.</figcaption>
Russia has a strong case. But it will never receive justice from the west.

But how should Russia respond?

Russia Insider had a mini meltdown last week when we demanded that Russian athletes "lawyer up and sue the xenophobic pants off WADA and the IOC".

We still stand by this statement, of course.

But we should all admit that Putin's decision to tighten anti-doping detection in Russia -- while letting WADA's behavior speak for itself -- is infinitely more realistic. Actually, it's probably the only course of action that makes sense for Russia in the current geopolitical climate.

We understand why people disagree with this assessment, though. Many of our best commenters believe Putin made the wrong decision.

An excellent, and fair assessment by "Melotte 22":

I do not agree with this. He should take a hard stand against this WADA filth for the sake of all those innocent Russian competitors, especially special olympics team. They should sue them for financial loss at least and also ask for official appology.

We completely agree. In theory.

Another excellent comment from "Guy":

I can't say i agree with this. It's not a matter of "snivelling self-righteousness" or "sinking to the West's level", it's a matter of justice for the crime of collective punishment against a nation which happens to fit the definition of a crime against humanity. By referring to this organisation and refusing to pursue justice for the athlete's who's lives have been ruined he's effectively legitimising these criminal acts.

To put it more clearly the author of this article put's it as if going after these people can only be about some sort of petty revenge WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE. It's a matter of bringing criminals to justice for the sake of justice and so that they can't do the same to others, otherwise it creates an air of impunity for such actions and set's a terrible precedent.

Again, we are in total agreement.

Friends: Have we all forgotten what Russia has been through in the last four years? If Russia litigated every injustice that it has suffered just in the last year, the stack of court documents would reach the moon.

Could we really expect Russia to get a fair day in court?

This is not about mindless Putin-sycophancy. It's an honest question: What can Putin realistically achieve in this situation?

The Russians are cold-hearted realists. The ultimate pragmatists. If you think the Kremlin acts on pure emotion -- or how things "should" be -- you are quite mistaken.

We understand why people see this differently than we do -- but take 10 steps back and be objective about what Russia is up against here.

Commenter "gerryhiles" sums up our stance on this quite nicely:

If Russia/Putin sought vengeance (overtly), sued, etc. for every wrong done by the West, either there would be endless court cases, or by now there would be nuclear war. Better, by FAR, to appear to roll with the punches - even the downing of aircraft and the crimes against Novorossiya (Donbass) - and bide ones time. More than once Putin has warned along the lines, "Even if you hide in the outhouse(toilet), we will get you." "We know everything about the West and they know that we know." "We know what you are likely to do five years in advance."
There's a lot more (of course I'm paraphrasing) but in any case the thing is that if every provocation - must be hundreds - was reacted to, there'd be no time nor resources for anything else ... how long do you imagine this single law case would drag on for? How many lawyers? How long before getting damages, if ever? Even IF a positive result was got - in 5 years? - do you imagine that the MSM-Zionist-or-not would suddenly tell the truth?

Of course this is infuriating. But it's also the sad reality we're all living in.

Putin has navigated Russia through some seriously choppy waters. Let's not completely discount this decision -- at least not yet. And who says there aren't a few surprises up his sleeve?

A final thought: Some people are angry that Putin hasn't called out the west's own doping practices. Why should he? That's none of his concern. He's the president of the Russian Federation -- not the self-appointed moral policeman of the world. (That's a jab at you, Washington.)


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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