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Legendary Russian War Correspondent Reports from Deep Inside War-Lord Run Libya - Where No Western Journo Would Dare Venture


The report, which, without exaggeration, can only be seen on our TV. 

VGTRK correspondent Alexander Rogatkin made his way to where all the reporters of his caliber dream to get. 

But only he has the correct caliber. Moreover, the military word 'caliber' is not accidental. 

Alexander is now on the front line in Libya. Our special correspondent Alexander Rogatkin reports on a meeting he went to there. 

"Stop the war, no terror" - under such a slogan, an unprecedented rally took place in Benghazi on Kish Square. It was here that the revolution declared victory over the the Gaddafi regime. 

These days, Libya marks the anniversary of the uprising, which began in the capital of the eastern provice of Cyrenaica. 

But the victory turned out to be pyrrhic - the country plunged into the chaos of a long civil war. Tens of thousands of people, tired of the war and devastation, in the squares of of the largest Libyan cities, demanded that the Western states and Turkey leave their country alone. The flow of weapons and mercenaries from islamic groups must be stopped. 

The tanks were inflatable at the rally, but the fighters who stormed Tripoli saw real Turkish armored vehicles in action.

Restoring the Ottoman empire will not be allowed here. These people (Turks) were oppressing us for 400 years and we didn't get anything from them except misery. On the square in Benghazi on their horses came from the Berbers of the desert. We are against Erdogan's policies and sowing the seeds of war on our land. 

Berber shieks voted for the House of Representatives, the Libyan parliament, who had moved to the east of the country. They do not recognize the Tripolitan government of national consensus. His prime minister, Faiza Saraj, is accused of inviting Islamic groups and remainings of ISIS from Syria and Iraq to his defense. 

The 12-year-old girl Yakin, who in her life saw nothing but war, and spent several years in the city captured by the ISIS, calls on world leaders: "Save my home and my country!" 

This is not the first time I came to this square. We were with family when missiles came. It was very scary. Honestly, I want to survive my childhood. 

If only she could be heard by the Norwegian girl Great Thunberg, who accused the adults that they had deprived her of her childhood. She just does not know what childhood is like for her Libyan contemporaries. 

Source: Vesti News
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