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Leading Russian-American Alt-Right YouTuber Makes a Great Case for Laws Against Censorship (Lana Lokteff)

"Scam artists, pedophiles, and perverts of every kind get sympathy from these companies (Big Tech). I am a wife and a mother who never advocated for violence."

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Lana Lokteff, an American of Russian heritage, joins the chorus of political dissidents denouncing Big Tech's crackdown on free speech, and calling on President Trump for help. She and her Swedish husband run Red Ice TV where they address a wide range of issues: politics, culture, and history from conservative perspective. We highly recommend their work.

This is their YouTube channel, and this is their website. They have one of the largest YouTube audiences for conservative issues, and are able to do this work full time thanks to donations from their viewers.

Lana Lokteff

The censorship of Alex Jones has brought the issue front and center.

She makes one of the best arguments we've heard for free speech for Americans who don't agree with the left-wing hegemony of Big Tech. Worth a listen.

(Very rough transcript below)

President Trump appears to be listening as he recently weighed in on the issue:


Hi president Trump our media company Red Ice promoted you during the presidential campaign and I voted for you it was actually the only time I did vote you are the sitting president of the United States of America a country that many say is the most powerful nation in the world a country that claims to be so great because they value free speech and free enterprise but the truth is free speech is dead in this country and it's up to you to resurrect and protect it mega corporations and tech giants in America are run by leftists it's why we no longer hear lefties crying about capitalism and corporate rule because now they are the totalitarian corporations.

This cabal is united against you and against all your supporters in fact every major facet of our society is controlled by them from banking big tech and of course the media they defame and hate you and they defame and hate me too lefty orgs such as the crooked ADL and SPLC are working with mega corporations and tech giants to ban and deny services to people on the right to ban and deny services to your supporters at every turn.

You are the sitting president of America I am one of your supporters that has been discriminated against for my political views recently PayPal banned our company because of the nature of our activities this is insanity my husband and I make videos commenting on the news my adorable journalist friend faith Goldie also banned from PayPal there have been many on the right banned from PayPal and it will continue our crime is that we are anti left and dared to question mainstream narratives.

Yet people and other gateways have put us on a prohibited business's list putting us in the same categories drug dealers terrorists and scam artists pedophiles and perverts of every kind get more sympathy from these companies I am a wife and a mother who never advocated for violence you see anyone who supports you know strongly against leftist policy is deemed violent and dangerous the fact is every group is protected under discrimination law's except for your supporters except for people on the right the fact is mega tech giant's claim to be against discrimination but people such as myself are fair game to be discriminated against slandered and hated because we refused to shut up and get in line with the leftist agenda.

Trump supporters are the majority of this country and yet the majority has zero protections what are you going to do about your supporters who are turned away from restaurants banned from platforms and denied services simply because they support the sitting president of the USA meanwhile these same companies say we never discriminate against people based on religion sexuality race and less white etc etc where's the protection for free speech for political views for questioning or being critical or disagreeing with anything.

Trump pass a law to protect your supporters to protect free speech and to protect deferring a political viewpoints we all know if tables were turned they would be crying fascism demanding change but when they dominate they rejoice in the suppression and destruction of others they already dominate everything yet still cry fascism they get a small taste of opposition and cry fascism while there is a loud minority who thinks I deserve to be iced out of society raped murdered and my children starved for my views there are even more who support me the only reason why this majority remains silent for now is because of the discrimination and retribution they will face at their jobs your supporters are being fired banned and attacked physically for voting for you.

What are you going to do about it how is this even real and free speech free market America there are no free markets anytime an alternative platform arises they are blocked by middlemen such as Visa and MasterCard or ISPs it is they who can't handle the competition a Visa MasterCard has this kind of power and without any government intervention and my God's there will be no end to this bankers will and do have enormous power to discriminate against political views and completely eyes someone out of the ability to provide for themselves to live how is this acceptable if a free market means that PayPal can buy up every other company without limitations and have endless power to ban the people who don't agree with then this market system is an enemy of the people.

It's pretty much impossible for a true outsider to come in and start a bank or a new credit card processing Avenue it is a power-hungry totalitarian cabal dictating who gets in long-ago basic utilities such as electricity and water were made public precisely so that everyone could have equal access and not be discriminated against the thing is these insane leftists would support the ability to cut off someone's electricity in water if they thought someone was a Nazi if someone's a Nazi it's fair game for violence rape abuse and theft today an online presence and the ability to do business online is essential for most people's survival to feed their children it is the town square it is impossible for most people to participate in the modern world without the Internet and the dominant platforms personal and social life professional life career opportunities freedom of expression including the freedom to engage in political debate are all done online these days.

Censorship and banning people on the right won't end until you do something about it if the free market is free to discriminate in some cases but not others where does it end then banks will refuse to lend money based on your views landlords will deny contracts gas stations deny service grocery stores no food clothing stores nope can't shop here, cell phones denied service there is no end to how far this will go unless we stop it I am discriminated against for ideas that is my crime thinking difference we live in a world where Communists and violent lefties who support an ideology that is mass murdered millions have free reign and protections and the sickening thing is most of these huge companies would be nowhere if it weren't for mostly straight white right-leaning men but now that they're too big to challenge they openly discriminate against straight white men who opposed the anti white male agenda the uses demographic to ultimately destroy this demographic and that was probably their plan all along.

Commies always had the agenda to use capitalism as their tool I have committed no crime other than thinking differently and challenging the status quo and for that red ice is a prohibited business the funny thing is that according to PayPal governance guidelines they say they respect and value uniqueness check this out actively listen and seek diversity of thought lies what a joke they know what diversity of thought they want leftist domination well to those who say you deserve it because you talked about X Y & Z then you to support thought policing well eventually it will come back around to you Trump.

They also would love nothing more than for your family to be completely broken and cut off we're dealing with Nene acts and power who need to be restrained it's not even about money anymore it's about ideology and social engineering you don't have to agree with everything I say but agree with this we must put an end to censorship in the murder of free speech free thought and free association I'm not a supporter of censorship in any form it always backfires.

Where are you Trump I and many with me urge you to take action and enable protections for free speech and against political discrimination our country is not free Trump, help us everyone please write PayPal via email snail mail and call them non-stop keep it coming and let them know how you feel about Red Ice faith Goldie and many others on the right being banned from their service for thinking different here is the email for CEO Dan Schulman president in San Jose Dan at PayPal calm here are other generic emails and phone numbers we love and value all our supporters members and those who have donated as we transition and diversify into other payment options to help keep Red Ice going and growing we are true independent media and have a small staff to produce content but we must continue to grow and bring on more people to produce more content with paypal banning us we've lost all our members in the process members that help sustain our operations in the links below you'll find one of the many ways you can help donate to us be sure to check our website read us members com in the coming week to sign up for a membership or Reese I know when yours lapses again thank you for donating you have no idea how much you all mean to us this path isn't easy and it's only going to get bumpier but I know the truth on our side and the tide is changing I'm in it for the long haul for my family and for yours.

Red Ice is an excellent independent news media outlet run by Henrik Palmgren and his wife Lana Lokteff. The outlet founded founded in Gothenburg, Sweden and produces news from a pro-European perspective. Russia-Insider editor Charles Bausman did an interview with Lana Lokteff on March 13th, 2018. We highly recommended subscribing to their YouTube channel as well as visiting their website.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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