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Lavrov Politely Reminds US How Adults Are Supposed to Behave

Russia's Foreign Minister urges US to cut the crap

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Every time the pyromaniacs in Washington start a geopolitical fire, Russia has to rush to the scene with a bucket of sanity.

It's becoming a bit tiresome. 

<figcaption>Need an adult? Call Sergey Lavrov</figcaption>
Need an adult? Call Sergey Lavrov

The latest example: Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has gently reminded the US that taking unilateral action against North Korea is highly inadvisable. (In our humble opinion, the panic over North Korea is a manufactured crisis meant to distract from tangible threats to humanity, such as the United States, but that's a separate topic for a different time.)

And in Syria, Russia continues to distinguish itself as a country guided by radical concepts such as "international consensus" and "diplomacy":

Russia plans to hold talks with the U.S. and the United Nations next week in Geneva aimed at breathing new life into the Syrian peace process, state media reported, in what would mark the first such contacts since the new administration of Donald Trump took office.

Let's take a moment and unpack this appeal for sanity. 

The Pentagon lobbed a few dozen missiles, illegally, at Syria, and now Russia is asking: Are you done with your tantrum? Because we're still working towards an actual political settlement. 

Russia has extended this invitation even while knowing that the US is working around-the-clock to try to sabotage peace talks:

We have discussed the illegal, aggressive actions of the US…, when the strikes were carried out against the air base in Syria, which only exacerbated the situation and perhaps deliberately made the search for the political settlement difficult," Lavrov told reporters following the meeting with his Senegalese counterpart Mankeur Ndiaye, adding that the political settlement was the only way forward for Syria

Imagine what Syria would look like right now if the adults hadn't intervened. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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