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LAUGHABLE: Turkey's Own Evidence Contradicts Its Story on Downed Russian Plane

Turkey's own evidence shows the Russian jet spent some 20 seconds over their territory - so how could it have received numerous warnings to exit?

Craig Murray takes a look at the alleged flight path of the Russian warplane provided by the turks:

This is the official Turkish radar track of the Russian aircraft they shot down, in red. It briefly transited a tiny neck of Turkish land – less than two miles across where the Russian jet passed – twice:

I calculate that each “incursion” over Turkish territory would have lasted about 10 seconds, assuming the plane was flying slowly at 600mph. 

Murray calculates the plane couldn't have spent more than 20 seconds over Turkish territory - if it was flying SLOWLY - yet the Turks maintain they warned the plane to leave their airspace 10 times in 5 minutes. How is that possible?

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