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Kremlin Spokesgal Zakharova Dances Iconic National Dance of Islamic South (Lezginka, Video)

She may be better known as the public face of Russian diplomacy, but occasionally Maria Zakharova gives in to her not-so-secret passion for dance, as a new video shows.

The Foreign Ministry spokesperson was caught on camera dancing the Lezginka, a fast-paced, energetic dance popular in the Caucasus Mountains.

<figcaption>Screenshot from video by YouTube user Pobeda26</figcaption>
Screenshot from video by YouTube user Pobeda26

The video is from a youth forum where a professional dancer persuaded Zakharova to show off her dancing skills as the audience claps. Her male partner was actually there to teach visitors how a proper Lezginka is done.

Western diplomacy is completely outclassed by this one.

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Zakharova famously combined her diplomatic job with dancing in 2016, when she performed a Russian folk dance, Kalinka, to dignitaries in Sochi at the Russia-ASEAN summit.

Source: RT
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