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Russia Says Western NGO Published Fake Atrocities in Hopes of Derailing Syria Peace Talks

The Kremlin dismissed an Amnesty International report detailing alleged abuse by the Syrian government as "calculations based on testimonies made by unnamed individuals," adding that the report was a "deliberate provocation aimed at adding fuel to the fading fire of the Syrian conflict"

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova read Amnesty International's report, allegedly detailing widespread abuse and executions at Saydnaya prison.

She was not impressed:

<figcaption>Bad math.</figcaption>
Bad math.

"We have seen this report. It’s a pity it comes at a moment crucial for the process of solving the Syrian crisis," the diplomat said.

"In fact, this is just another deliberate provocation aimed at adding fuel to the fading fire of the Syrian conflict and raising tensions again and make the Syrian people hate each other more," Zakharova stressed.

"Those who compiled this fake report are not even bothered by the fact that the huge number of victims they are citing is a result of some calculations based on testimonies made by unnamed individuals." "In our opinion, this respected organization could and should adopt a more responsible manner while assessing the fantasies of the organization’s Lebanese branch," the Russian diplomat went on to say.

We enjoy reading statements from the Russian Foreign Ministry. They never mince their words.

As we wrote last week, Amnesty's "report" is a smorgasbord of conjecture and outrageous claims (the most outrageous by far being that the Syrian government is burying its victims ... in a cemetary). It was also written by people sitting in Lebanon.

Peace talks are scheduled in begin next week in Geneva, and Amnesty's report will almost certainly be used by rebel groups looking for any excuse to avoid the negotiating table. Thanks, Amnesty!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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