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Korean War II: Leave the Hermit Kingdom Alone

"We imposed crippling sanctions on a mountainous and rocky nation with poor soil that’s necessarily a food importer, then pitch hysterical propaganda to our own citizenry about the maniacal Kim Jong-il starving his own people."

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The United States federal empire’s power is shrinking in absolute terms on account of consumerism, degeneracy, diversity, and demographic decline.

Her power is shrinking in relative terms as China, Iran, Russia, and other non-aligned powers steadily strengthen their economies and military postures.

But, most of all, her power is succumbing to the inexorable problem of the darwinian ratchet, wherein a mostly successful strategy which isn’t 100% effective will, if never altered, eventually select for a force capable of defeating them.

Soon enough, that 0.1% of bacteria that’s not killed off by the 99.9% effective antibiotic becomes 100% of the surviving bacteria, and that’s pretty much the situation Atlanticist geopoliticians find themselves in.

In the Middle East, the small subset of religious radicals who are immune to yesterday’s bribes and bombs are metastasizing into a global issue which even threatens Americans a world away from the original issue. Iran’s developed a strong and traditionalist government which is just democratic enough to be adaptive without being democratic enough to permit yet another around of Western subversion.

Last, but not least, the Kim dynasty’s Hermit Kingdom has, after much misery and suffering, developed a nation-state capable of surviving despite persistent economic and military pressure.

We imposed crippling sanctions on a mountainous and rocky nation with poor soil that’s necessarily a food importer, then pitch hysterical propaganda to our own citizenry about the maniacal Kim Jong-il starving his own people.

We’ve consistently said and demonstrated that we’re waiting for a single crack in their military defense infrastructure to invade and conquer their country, then mock them for their outsized military expenditures.

Finally, we’ve established a clear precedent of only menacing non-aligned nations that don’t have a nuclear repellant, …then accuse the DPRK of planning to blow up the world for scrambling around in top secret mountainside tunnels to develop the one thing that can truly guarantee that they’ll be safe.

That’s what the American flag represents both at home and abroad, …the brutal imposition of global capitalism and Jewish finance anywhere and everywhere, a star spangled vampire squid wrapping its tentacles around and strangulating anything and everything both at home and abroad to extract as much resources from it as possible.

It emits an anesthetic cocktail of Enlightenment babble about freedom, democracy, human rights, and Western values before stuffing its blood funnel in, …but the only value America understands is shareholder value.

Trump, the candidate who ran on the strongest isolationist platform in living memory, is trying to escalate the North Korean diplomatic crisis into an outright war. Not that there’s anything surprising about a president who ran on an anti-war platform becoming a war hawk once encircled by Jewish neocon advisers and military-industrial lobbying shills.

My first election, I voted for Dubya largely on account of his reassuringly isolationist foreign policy attitude. No President, not even one as independently wealthy and “anti-establishment” as Trump, has the ability to repair this federal machine. It’s beyond repair, and must be simply and singularly opposed.

The Associated Press reports today that the Pentagon has confirmed that a “Ground invasion of N. Korea ‘only way’ to secure its nukes with certainty. [report]”

And with Seoul (a densely populated megalopolis containing nearly thirty million people) less than fifty miles from the DMZ, we’re talking about millions dead even disregarding the millions of “Norks” who will be mercilessly slaughtered.

Japan, Guam, and even perhaps Hawaii are within range of Kim’s rocket technology. China doesn’t want this, Japan doesn’t want this, and South Korea most definitely doesn’t want this.

Japan and South Korea are discovering that their protection from Chinese hegemony over the Pacific Rim comes at a terrible cost, especially as our grip on our foreign policy sanity proves even looser than our geopolitical grip on these distant colonial holdings.

Much of the report’s necessarily classified, but what’s left makes it perfectly plain. Invading or even playing these brinksmanship games with North Korea can only end in unspeakable loss of human life, a complete ejection of the United States from the Pacific Rim altogether, and China being presented with an opportunity to flex the impressive strength of the military force it’s been quietly amassing for decades, …with the (formerly American) industrial capacity and extra males necessary to guarantee a decisive Western humiliation.

Like the Mexican Army at the outset of the Mexican-American War, we’re a country with an impressive history that hasn’t yet learned the real consequences of blood poisoning for our future.

We join Chairman Kim Jong-un in denouncing President Trump’s reckless remarks, and we stand for the sovereignty and self-determination of any and all nations the world over which aren’t committed to the genocidal destruction of our own.

While North Korea is no utopia and the Kim Dynasty has its foibles and flaws, we reject the absurd war propaganda against their nation and call on all nationalists to come together as a united front demanding that the Hermit Kingdom be left alone.

Source: Tradworker.org

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