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Kiselyov: West Seems Hell-Bent on Rewriting History and Making Everything Fake and Gay!

Russian TV Host Dmitry Kiselyov dissects British cinema

This post first appeared on Russia Insider


Movie fans spent this week discussing the BAFTA Awards, which were held last Sunday, and are still looking forward to the Oscars, which will be held next Sunday. BAFTA, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, the film awarded first prize Yorgos Lanthimos's The Favourite, for the category "Best British Film." The director is Greek. The script and cast are all British. The movie is trying to be a period piece.

“Dearest Queen, you are mad. Giving me a palace.”

Costumes and court intrigues during the reign of Queen Anne, the last monarch of the House of Stuart.

“- The Queen is an extraordinary person.

- They were all staring, weren't they? I can tell even if I can't see and I heard the word "fat."

- Anne…

- And ugly.

- No one but me would dare and I did not.”

History knows Anne Stuart as a successful queen. During her reign at the beginning of the 18th century, art was blooming, parks were established, and new palaces were built. During that time, Jonathan Swift wrote Gulliver's Travels and Daniel Defoe wrote his Robinson Crusoe. Queen Anne is the founder of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. She gathered England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland under a single crown. That was the largest free trade zone in Europe at the time. Britain's foreign policy and military activities beyond the islands' borders were successful as well. For example, during the War of the Spanish Succession Britain acquired Gibraltar. In Latin America, Britain won the right to be the only slave trader in the Spanish colonies in America. At the same time, there wasn't any popular unrest within Great Britain. The British Parliament successfully adopted the two-party system. The Whigs and the Tories formed the new government.

Queen Anne was an adept of the high principles of Christian morals. One of her royal titles was "Defender of Faith."

These are the facts.

Another fact: Queen Anne Stuart loved her husband, Prince George of Denmark, and always shared her bed with him.

The queen's health, however, was very poor. She had 17 unsuccessful pregnancies. She had miscarriages, her kids died during infancy and from smallpox. She left no heir. Anne was the last monarch of the Stuart dynasty.

Now, here's the way the story is depicted in the Best British Film, according to BAFTA, and perhaps the top candidate for the Oscars. Here you go, The Favourite.

Queen Anne is unmarried. She's an utter fool who knows nothing about state affairs, a lesbian, and a whiny drama queen changing her favorites like socks.

“Everyone leaves me and dies.”

First, the queen shares the royal bed with the first lady-in-waiting Duchess of Marlborough, wife of a famous warlord, Sarah Churchill.

“If I were a man I would've ravished you.”

Later, she gets a new favorite, the young Abigail Masham, another lesbian who couldn't care less about her husband.

It's even simpler than just simple. Minister of War and First Viscount Henry Bolingbroke is a rouge effeminate poodle. For comparison, here's Bolingbroke from the Soviet film Glass of Water by Kirill Lavrov. And here's the same character in the Best British Film.

And they're acting like that's not a big deal. It's not like we care much. We're looking at it from the side. We've had our share of destruction, we're done with that. Now we're looking at England dipping its own queen into the dirt. Splendid.

They're rewriting their past based on unconfirmed historic rumors instead of actual history. Great job.

Ordinary families with children aren't considered normal anymore. A romantic relationship between a man and a woman isn't trendy in art. Nothing new can be said about it. It's a true civilizational euthanasia.

The rest isn't that interesting. It's just that we're shifting the proportion, making the insignificant big and turning the important into marginal. The very continuation of life.

We'll see who gets the Academy Award but The Favourite has a lot of nominations.

Its main competitors are the American film Green Book about racism in the USA, a rather recent story and about the friendship of a white man and a black man in this context. A well-filmed movie with great jokes and music. The Danish Viggo Mortensen did a great job playing an Italian.

“- I've never had fried chicken in my life.

- You people love fried chicken.

- You have a very narrow assessment of me.

- Yeah right, I'm good.”

And naturally, Bohemian Rhapsody, about Freddie Mercury. Powerful.

But these two movies also have a homosexual motif. It's become a sort of a pass today, a condition that allows some filter to be bypassed.

However, two black-and-white pictures don't conform to the trend: The Alfonso Cuaron's Roma from Mexico a movie about Dostoevsky's "little man" but with an original story and a, in my opinion, brilliant film, Pawel Pawlikowski's Cold War from Poland. It's a movie about love in the context of the Cold War. This movie is worth watching and cheering for. It's an extraordinary movie that doesn't follow the trend.

Trend is a feature of the Fashion Week that was recently held in New York. Alejandro Gomez Palomo from Spain had an unforgettable runway show. He's currently the most renowned person in the world's fashion industry. The creative feat of the designer was canceling the idea of gender in fashion. And what's the big deal? Why do we need gender anyway? "I give them freedom", says Alejandro Gomez.

The same thing with The Favourite: "So what? We've got freedom." Why not make Queen Anne Stuart a lesbian?

Well, if that's so, why don't you change the orientation of the current Queen Elizabeth? Or is she already following the trend and our BBC colleagues are going to report on that soon? Perhaps a movie about Queen Elizabeth with a twist like that will be filmed and nominated for an Academy Award. So what? Where do we draw the line? We need to be trendy.

This week, keen observers noticed the new cover of the American magazine Out. It's a popular magazine for people who are unhappy with their sex. The photoset is timed to the March edition. In March, America celebrates the month of women in the history of humanity.

The person in the center of the ceremonial group photo used to be a healthy man. Now, she's a famous plus-size transgender model, Miss Major Griffin-Gracy. She's wearing a silver wig. She's 78 years old. She's a convicted felon, who served time precedently. She admitted that she used to steal. She worked in the sex industry for decades. She took part in street riots. She's a renowned activist and icon of the LGBT movement.

The staged picture is called "Mothers and daughters of the movement." The daughter who perhaps used to call her current mom Griffin-Gracy "Dad" is sitting next to her. Her name is Reina Gossett; she's an activist and an artist.

Next, we have an entire family. The famous lesbian Barbara Smith and her two children: the feminist writer Charlene Carruthers and the queer Alicia Garza. "Queer" means a person refuses to restrict themselves to a sexual orientation. It's all timed to Women's Month.

We have a single day dedicated to women, March 8th. America has a whole month and a much broader approach. It's all clear. Don't think that we're cultivating our phobias here. We're just following the overseas culture trends.

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But let's get back to movies and Oscars expectations. The positions of Bohemian Rhapsody's director, Bryan Singer, aren't as stable as before. Anyway, at the last BAFTA Award, he missed all of the nominations due to a pedophile controversy. Four now-grown-up men pointed at him, accusing him of sexual harassment. One of them was allegedly assaulted in a public toilet more than 20 years ago. The other stories aren't any fresher. The director denies all of the accusations. So far, nobody knows whether it's true or not. If it's true, then it falls into the modern trend. If it's not true and the accusations are baseless then the conclusion's the same: It's trendy.

We're anxiously following the situation. When will they get fed up with all that and when will the pendulum swing back? And it will.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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